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  1. Building a Mojave on 40's

    Haha....My view is about 70% blocked. I can see the lower portion of the rear window and out past the tailgate.
  2. Building a Mojave on 40's

    Installed the APEX Steering Booster yesterday and then finished installing the Barnes 4wd bumper and SuperWinch SX.
  3. Building a Mojave on 40's

  4. Building a Mojave on 40's

    Yes I was able to retain the facotory Mojave skid plate. I plan on going with aftermarket lighting up front as this bumper doesn't have provisions for the factory lighting.
  5. Building a Mojave on 40's

    Equal or Better. Its basically the same shock (2.5 body with 7/8" shaft) with the added benefit of dual compression adjustments but minus the internal bypass valves of the Mojave shocks.
  6. Building a Mojave on 40's

    Today I worked on mocking up the Barnes 4WD Pritchett Canyon bumper and SuperWinch SX10000. The bumper is a perfect look to the Mojave and the construction and welds are a thing of beauty. I decided to paint the bumper with Rustoleum Textured Satin Black most because I didn't want to wait till...
  7. Building a Mojave on 40's

    All the Mojave suspension (Shocks / Springs) are now for sell and posted in the Member For Sale Section.
  8. Building a Mojave on 40's

    Just had the Mojave regeared to 5.13 and added an Adams 1350 front driveshaft today. I had Rebel Off-Road in Orange County do the work. When I got home I had a present on the driveway. My Barnes 4WD Prichett Canyon front bumper arrived. Time to get it painted and installed and add my SuperWinch...
  9. California Mojave Suspension $1500 (SoCal Pickup or Shipping)

    For Sale is a practically new Mojave Shock / Spring setup. These were taken off the Jeep with only 1500 miles on them because I put a 3.5" lift on my Mojave with 40's. Because of that I went with all new shocks and springs. These are the Jeep / Fox 2.5 resevior shocks with internal bypass...
  10. Unsold Mojave

    I'm in San Diego and just picked up my Mojave in early December 2021. I purchased it in Arizona for $49,699. MRSP was $56,000. Every dealership I looked at in Southern California had a minimum $5000 upcharge over MSRP and many were $10,000 over MSRP.
  11. Building a Mojave on 40's

    A few pictures of the new 2.5 Fox Performance Elite Resevoir DSC shocks. Love the adjustabilty of these shocks and didn't sacrifice any performace from the Mojave Shocks minus the internal bypass feature. I had to drill out the bushings on the front shocks only because the Mojave Gladiator uses...
  12. ***Official Mojave Thread*** Lets talk Mojaves

    It's on a 3.5" Clayton Off-Road Overland Plus Lift with 40" Cooper STT Pros
  13. ***Official Mojave Thread*** Lets talk Mojaves

    Bought my Mojave in December and wanted to say hello. Already done a few modifications with lots more to come. My good friend went out and bought a Mojave the very next day after mine.
  14. Building a Mojave on 40's

    My rack mount is from Fishbone Off-Road and is called thier "Tackle" rack 1/2 height. I bought it through Quadratec on a sale before Christmas. It was one of the first modifications I added.
  15. Building a Mojave on 40's

    Ground to the top of the Hardtop is 79". With my spare tire on the rack its taller but I didn't measure.
  16. Building a Mojave on 40's

    So I went with the EVO shock extensions to start but I wasn't happy with them. On the front shocks it was 24" eye to eye with the extensions and 26" without which robbed all my travel on the stock shocks. Measurement from the ground to the top of the hardtop is 79" I ordered the 2.5 Fox...
  17. Building a Mojave on 40's

    Yes....I don't know much about the FAD system other than I don't want it.
  18. Building a Mojave on 40's

    I really tried to keep the stock shocks. I added EVO shock extension brackets but ultimately it just wasn't the down travel I wanted so I ordered the 2.5 Fox Elite resevior shocks with DSC.
  19. Building a Mojave on 40's

    Johnson Valley is a butt kicker. Body damage around every rock and borderline buggy trails. I enjoy the trees so for me it was more Big Bear, Rubicon, Fordyce. I do enjoy the slick rock of Moab and Sand Hollow. You Johnson Valley Wheelers get my full respect. My jeep is my daily driver and work...
  20. Building a Mojave on 40's

    I like the idea of RCV's. My friends that have them rave about them.