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  1. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    After 143 days my A.R.E. CX cap finally came in!! I'm thinking it looks pretty good.
  2. SARGE GREEN Gladiator club

    This is Max. Got him in July and just LOVIN' the Jeep experience. 2021 Gladdy Sport w/Max tow pkg. NO PROBLEMS towing a 7k, 29ft TT. So far the only issue is the mirrors and waiting for my Damn CAPPER from A.R.E.
  3. Trailer Mirrors

    Howdy Gladdies, So far my ONLY complaint while towing my 29 foot TT is the ridiculously small mirrors that are coming out of Toledo. REQUEST FOR ASSISTANCE!! What mirrors are you using for towing your travel trailer, what did they cost and where did you get them? Help, not harangues much...
  4. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    Aug 04, '21: Pretty productive day after working midnights overnight AND going to the opthamologist (DAMN - that pupil dialation stings) TODAY'S mods: Finished the Army decaling AmazonSmile: Military Restoration Decal Sticker Kit - for U.S. Army, Marine Or MP M37, M38, Truck Compatible with -...
  5. A.R.E. CX EVOLVE CAP installed

    See - now I'm PISSED OFF!! Not only did I have to deal with a crotchety cuss at the counter (I'm being kind here and cleaning my adjectives) but I was told that the A.R.E. caps could not be electrically connected to the Gladiator and didn't come in BLACK (What's the old Henry Ford quote about...
  6. Catch Anyone Pretending Your Gladiator is Theirs?

    A million years ago I was assigned to the DB (detective bureau) and was driving an unmarked Chevy. I had a "kojak" light on the back deck for rear visibility (no other lights installed), well one day I was parked at the mall (remember them?) and this little smart a$$ comments to his girlfriend...
  7. Catch Anyone Pretending Your Gladiator is Theirs?

    How do you think the "Jeep craze" gets started? We were all young once, saw a jeep and said, "wow! thats cool." The rest is history.... :LOL:
  8. A.R.E. CX EVOLVE CAP installed

    I KNEW these people were full of bull. When I ordered my A.R.E. CX Classic first they said, "Nope. power and lights not doable. Can't plug into the Gladiator, something to do with the Jeep computer. THEN since I got the black hardtop I wanted the A.R.E. to be black too - NOPE gotta pay an...