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  1. Gladiator rear window decals: photos and info

    @RBArthur82 we can, I would say the smaller the better though. The larger and more surface area will just make it thicker and when the plsstic is flexed or bent, it's just more surface area to fail. It's not ideal, but definitely doable. And at the end of the day, vinyl isn't permanent and...
  2. Gladiator rear window decals: photos and info

    @Fouts I've thought about your point of view on this, and agree it can come off in poor taste. However, that was not my intent to beg or be tacky. As I mentioned, we have had many customers, mostly from phone calls with whom we spend some actual time (with renders, mailing color samples...
  3. Gladiator rear window decals: photos and info

    It is not a request. it is an option, a choice, set at ZERO. I explained above why it was there.
  4. Gladiator rear window decals: photos and info

    No one is forcing you to tip. Most of the people who tip are customers whom we email back and forth with, providing time (usually free) in creating layouts or renders. When they purchase, it's thier way of saying thank you. And FYI, we do offer free bottled water or NOS Energy drinks to our in...
  5. HAUK Gladiator Badging Kit & decal customization: photos and info

    Underground Graphics is happy to be colaborating with HAUK Off Road by providing you custom alternatives to thier current acrylic badging. Additionally, we are an authorized supplier of the badge kits to make this a one stop order. However, we do only carry the Satin Black kit option, as we...
  6. On the Rocks kit: photos and info

    Customer supplied photos:
  7. On the Rocks kit: photos and info

    Our shop favorite! For the Jeeper who like to crawl, we made this one with you in mind. Designed as a full kit, but available as individual pieces in single color/reverse cut, or two color layered with accent pinstripe. You can definitely customize to your tastes. Our example is on our shop...
  8. The Wanderer Kit (topographical design): photos and info

    Trending from the overlanding crowd, we designed a kit, ...well, really a combination of kits, to suit your style. Fits All makes and models and in all the right areas as follows: (1) Hood: Sport/Overland, Rubicon or Mojave (2) Fender Vent inlays: Sport/Overland and Mojave/Rubicon (3) Cab...
  9. Gladiator Bedside Bands: photos and info

    Another favorite area for graphics on the Gladiator is that big overhang on the back, the bedside. Adding a simple stripe, or "Bedside Band", you visually tighten up that empty space giving the illusion of a shorter (or filled) look. We've created a wide assortment of single color and two...
  10. Keyhole Covers (decals)

    As simple as it may be, this is one of our best selling products. No matter your color, the one detail that stands outlike a sore thumb is the silver keyhole. Once you see it, you can't unsee it. We've simply made an overlay decal that fits snuggly over the keyhole, cut just a bit oversize to...
  11. Gladiator rear window decals: photos and info

    Customers asked and we delivered. We are now offering an assortment of computer cut rear window specific decals for the Gladiator. Vinyl is standard Oracal 651, typically requiring a wet install, but we still apply these dry. Please see our install video for a demonstration. Additionally, if...
  12. Underground Graphics Shop Tour (video)

    I easlily forget that with all the online customers, most have no idea what our shop is like. If you're like me, I do wonder where products come from, what their shop is like, etc... So, I recently did a short video, welcome to Underground Graphics! (sorry for the iPhone stuttering) Underground...
  13. Tailgate graphic wrap - we made it easy: photos and info

    Think I just got your email, replied. But yes, we can. Greg ;)
  14. Tailgate graphic wrap - we made it easy: photos and info

    We prefer the Deep Matte black, ...this has no sheen and better matches the matte black of the Rubicon letters. However the Satin worls very well too, just has a bit of sheen/semi gloss to it. Greg ;)
  15. Tailgate Two-Bar graphics kit: photos and info

    Best option is to fill the holes, but the cost outweighs the decal replacement when needed in my opinion
  16. Tailgate graphic wrap - we made it easy: photos and info

    We do installs as well, but typically only our own material and products
  17. Tailgate graphic wrap - we made it easy: photos and info

    We do. Just haven’t got to it here yet. Check out our Wanderer kit on our website here: and, yes we can do the custom colors. best to shoot me an email, I will reply with proof and quote...