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  1. Battery tender

    I was an early adopter/tester for a small niche market company. The company (HethelSport) put together a kit for them (although I see that they are currently back ordered there) : That's actually one of my cars with it mounted in the...
  2. Engine cover?
  3. Battery tender

    I installed a Battery Tender pigtail on mine and ran it behind the corner of the grille by the headlight. No need to pop the hood. If I'm not driving mine for a while, I pull up to an outlet and plug in to top it off. Many new vehicles are very voltage sensitive. So, I keep all my non-daily...
  4. Check out my Woody

    I do like the retro vibe. But, this is my all original woody :LOL:
  5. Dealers please read

    I completely understand the reasons for the delays. However, we all know some companies flat out lie about stock. Not all, but some. I'm just looking for a realistic time frame. If its truly unknown, then they should say ETA Unknown. I'm okay with that. I can decide if I want to wait, find it...
  6. Dealers please read

    I agree 100%. I have no issue having to wait for something (service, delivery etc.) provided the company I am dealing with is honest up front with the time frame. But, instead, they lie to you to make you stay with their business. The.... its in stock and ready to ship when its not...
  7. Who’s buying these overpriced JT’s?

    Paying cash, if you have it, is also not always a crazy idea. My bank is currently paying 0.15% on their longest term CD (48 month). Their new car loan is at 4% for 4 years (applied to MY 2020, 2021, 2022). So, if you have the funds, you could pay cash, and then pay yourself back and save...
  8. Who’s buying these overpriced JT’s?

    Luckily, I finally found a Rubi replacement. But, the dealer runaround BS was brutal. Lies, Lies and more Lies.
  9. Who’s buying these overpriced JT’s?

    Its unfortunate but some of us have had to buy in this crazy market. My 2020 Glad got totaled in September with 5K miles. So, I needed a replacement. I looked at the slim pickings in 3 states. I quickly found out that dealers would lie to you on the phone to get you to drive the 3 hours to...
  10. Any idea where these go?

    Give them back to Chase. They have his name on them. ;)
  11. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    Nice! Looks like you got the super rare passenger side single tow hook model. :LOL:
  12. Water on drivers floor (3"+) after rain/sleet/snow

    It was from top of the door area at the freedom panel. I put a photo in the link I posted.
  13. Water on drivers floor (3"+) after rain/sleet/snow

    I know where mine leaked from but it was never fixed...
  14. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    They were $5 when i bought mine. Now they are up to $6.... You may have looked at the kit.
  15. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    You can order the the bezel 68342090AA from either: or If anyone wants a kit with hook and bezel...
  16. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    When I added the second hook to my Overland, I used these parts. The bezel was $5.
  17. Does this count as performance?

    I'm getting a VERY reasonable rate. Although, I'm definitely loosing money in the end, even if I win. I knew that going in. I've testified many times in (Superior) Courts before. But, since they are bringing in their corporate lawyer, I wanted to level the playing field. Unfortunately, I...
  18. Does this count as performance?

    Yes, small claims. I have an attorney. Its not always about the money.
  19. Fire Extinguishers - Manufacture & Install Location

    Element 50 mounted on the driver's seat slide bar. Have at least one in every vehicle, plus one in each kitchen. Used one on my '29 woody when it caught fire and worked like charm. (Your use may vary)
  20. Does this count as performance?

    I'm currently suing the dealership where my 2020 Punk'n was flood totaled while on their lot in September. My insurance paid out, but I loss my $500 deductible. Usually, acts of God don't count. However, in my case the dealership moved all of their "for sale cars" (both new and used) off the...