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  1. 392 Steering Wheel Retrofit

    I just fired off an email. I believe Joe (from Z-automotive) has a 392 so hopefully he is onboard!
  2. 392 Steering Wheel Retrofit

    Has anyone contacted Z-automotive. I dove a little deeper into the paddles, and Challenger guys with the same drivetrain doing the same swap had to have the paddle menu activated. If no one has bugged Z automotive yet I can get the ball rolling. May be able to do ot qith the JScan app. Does...
  3. What can we do for you?

    7FD41TX7AA can I get a price and shipping on this. Will probably get the rest, but I don't want to loose out on the steering wheel as that is a killer price.
  4. Magnuson Supercharger Install / Modification – Crib Notes

    Little Video I made with my daughter tonite. It is part of a series I plan to put on an upcoming post.
  5. 392 Steering Wheel Retrofit

    I am thinking I am gonna jump on this mode before these are all sold out, this is the coolest upgrade post I have seen in a while. Trying to do some research on the paddles, cause these will be sweet with a maggie jeep😁
  6. 392 Steering Wheel Retrofit

    you changed your user name
  7. 392 Steering Wheel Retrofit

    So looking at the upshift and downshift switches and the software, I don't think anything will need enabled. I believe the switches are network based. My guess is they will broadcast the same message the shifter does. If I am write the steering wheel connection on the new harness will have the...
  8. 392 Steering Wheel Retrofit

    So does your stock wiring and switches work in the 392 wheel. If so that is a heck of a cost effective upgrade!
  9. 392 Steering Wheel Retrofit

    Sweet Upgrade! I have been shopping wheels. I will definitely look into this. Is the 392 wheel heated? I am a pansy😁. Paddle shifters will work awesome with the performance upgrades.
  10. Magnuson Supercharger Build

    Is that a hidd clark Griswold reference lol!!
  11. Dead battery under 20,000 mi.

    Well your all circling the larger problem in my opinion. At the end of the day if Jeep is going to have a multi-battery design. It should not allow one bad battery to take down the whole system, yet it does. For whatever reason the auxiliary battery is the only battery on the circuit that...
  12. Dead Gladiator. Both batteries replaced. Still dead.

    It is not the radio. Your batteries went dead and went dead long enough the controllers on your jeep lost their source address sync. Think of it as a rolling garage door code. All the controllers including the radio have this code and it rolls with every key cycle. If the aux battery dies...
  13. Rubicon Axel Swap on Sport S

    If you get a max tow, you will have the wider axles like the rubicon, and there are a couple carrier options that will give you lockers. There are a couple companies that make a basic locker switch that looks like the stock one. My plan is half done. I went with a limited slip from Yukon gearin...
  14. New Engine Needed at 42k miles!?!?!

    I have heard a few with cam issues. They tick/rattle on acceleration. Some can be solved by a cleaning cycle performed with the starscan service tool and a resync of the cam to crank sensor. Some it is to late and the phazer eats itsel and the cam gets in a bad positon and is damaged
  15. Who’s buying these overpriced JT’s?

    The question we should be asking: "who isn't buying these things?" They are damn cool and everyone should drive one😁
  16. Little Delighted (scratch that: not Dissapointed) in Quadratec

    They totally delivered, and the product is glorious 😁
  17. RIPP Coil Packs

    It showed up in data as big torque reduction, and fuel trim per cylinder, based on misfire detection.
  18. RIPP Coil Packs

    I have assisted two users of my tune, in finding a ripp coil pack that was supplying less than ideal spark. I could see it in the data, and it messed with the acceleration and shifting. These had not failed yet, they where just throwing the fuel mixture way off. My experience so far, is the...
  19. Who’s buying these overpriced JT’s?

    I don't care how people purchase their cars, really do not. It gets me a bit riled up when people look at the extensive modifications I have made to my newer cars and make unwelcome comments. My ability to afford my truck came from my very first purchased truck. I started saving for an adult...