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  1. New Jersey 813 Fabrication Under Rear Seat Storage Box with extras.

    Still have this available?
  2. "Betsy" The Memorial Gladiator

    Thomas, From on veteran to another, thank you for your service. It always seems our most difficult struggle or fight comes when we have to take care of ourselves. Both my Jeeps, a former JLUR and now my JTRD, have been an integral part of my recovery and bringing some peace. Very nice build you...
  3. New ecodiesel California edition build

    that diesel weighs quite a bit more than either gas motor. I run my fronts approximately 2 psi higher than the rears.
  4. Illinois Thinking of purchasing a Diesel Gladiator Rubicon Fully Loaded

    I own a diesel Rubicon (JTRD) and love it so far and it does everything I want/need it to comfortably. It’s my daily driver; however, but I don’t hesitate to go off roading. The Rubicon has a lot of the features (lockers, auto disconnect, gears, etc.) but you will have fun and enjoy whatever...
  5. So had a bit of a pucker moment today.

    First, thank you you for your service. Second, it was entirely too common to see M113s on their side from either poor ground guides, drivers being a little too “motivated”, or during rail loading. Great idea regarding the pitch and roll gauge/accessory. Easier to quickly see what’s going on...
  6. Clayton Off Road's NEW Ride Right+ JT Suspension System

    @Clayton Off Road - Thank you for your continuing support and responses in this thread. Great info for all. Do you mind sharing any additional information regarding the diesel-specific coils (i.e., are you in R&D testing now)? I can attest and recommend the Fox 2.0, they get the job done...
  7. RSi SmartCap EVO Gladiator Fitment

    Sharing for situational awareness. BIG Announcement: We're opening a manufacturing plant in Fort Worth, TX!J
  8. Adjusting Headlights - How To

    Thanks for the DIY. Went to my local Jeep dealer and they couldn’t do it. Too complicated for the tech, but was told they only have one guy who knows how to work on lifted Jeeps. Heck, all the new (insert auto manufacturer) SUVs and trucks with LED are in the blinding range. I often would...
  9. My 21 80th anniversary ED

    How are you liking the 4.10’s? Any feedback is appreciated.
  10. You’re my boy Blue (Diesel JT Build)

    Looks pretty awesome without the bed too!
  11. Virginia Free OEM Rock Rails

    I’ve had some success on FB Marketplace.
  12. Can you run steel and synthetic rope at the same time?

    Not sure that synthetic rope would last at all in that configuration. I believe that’s what a rope sleeve is for.
  13. D60 Axles or V8?

    Axles and save up for the Hemi.
  14. Virginia Ashburn VA - JTRD take off wheels & tires with TPMS $1100 OBO

    will let you know if comes to that.
  15. Virginia Sold: Ashburn VA - JTRD take off wheels & tires with TPMS $1100 OBO

    These are take offs from my 2021 JTDR. Four OEM Rubicon with one spare (5 wheels total) with TPMS. Falken WildPeak 33 A/Ts TPMS included, still mounted, balanced ~450 Miles No scratches Located in Northern Virginia near Dulles Airport. $1100 OBO
  16. Journey of a Jeep build, MD

    Sorry to hear about your suspension being stolen in transit. IRT the Clayton, I purchased their Premium with the Currie steering and it’s been great for the last 700 miles, both on and off road.
  17. Jeepers of Maryland

    Recommend Dirt Nerds in Sterling VA. Install price was less expensive than Bull Run and they are both on par for pricing and customer satisfaction. FYSA & JLUR related, I purchased my MC 3.5” Game Changer by myself in my home garage. Several of the well known shops I spoke with have a...
  18. Practical Truck for the Over Prepared Woman

    Any concern with heat transfer when Weldon in the Artec’s?