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  1. Gladiators and Camper Pictures

    Hey that's going to be my setup too! Can't wait...
  2. Gladiators and Camper Pictures

    Looks so sweet! Fully capable? I'm still waiting for my 16' Bambi to arrive in the spring.
  3. Sooo...RCR did a review of the Gladiator.

    I thought it was pretty funny too!
  4. Huge MPG change?

    lol I have both, but depending on whether or not the Panera is in a mall location...
  5. Questions regarding the Gladiator

    I went automatic b'c I needed better towing for my Airstream.
  6. Towing with the truck

    Any reason you went with this brake controller vs. the Mopar unit? How was installation? Need to get a trailer brake controller soon and trying to figure out which one is best for my needs.
  7. So there i was at Pismo

    After a week of owning it, I took the High Altitude on a road trip down to Santa Barbara for Christmas. Here's a shot a Pismo Beach. That sign wasn't there when I went to school in SLO, and my kids loved the new little playground which includes a concrete slide from pier level down to the beach...
  8. 2022 Gladiator Brochure Posted on Jeep Website!

    Bound to be a markup in pricing!
  9. Gladiators and Camper Pictures

    Can I ask what kind of brake controller you're using? Just got a '21 High Altitude and am expecting my 16' Bambi come spring. Thanks in advance!
  10. 2020 Jeep Gladiator High Altitude Edition [Updated With Live Look at Snazzberry From Chicago]

    Lol, we just bought a High Altitude model... we needed a tow vehicle for our 16' Airstream :)