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  1. Little Delighted (scratch that: not Dissapointed) in Quadratec

    Just pulled up the email I got back from Rob confirming the 5% discount has been applied to my quadratec account and I he gave me a rundown on the first order he manually applied it to and said it should automatically apply on all future orders on my account now too.
  2. Little Delighted (scratch that: not Dissapointed) in Quadratec

    forum discount is only 5% now, and you definitely get it in web orders if you ask for it.
  3. Hand crushed in door

    i mean, you can do this with any 4 door car in existence. NEVER touch the B pillar. For that matter, never touch any pillar while a door is open. You can crush your hands on a, b, c, and d pillars if you're not paying attention.
  4. Does this count as performance?

    You know just because you write "not responsible for lost or stolen property" it doesn't mean that's actually true right? Writing things doesn't make them legally binding. Otherwise everyone would just put a bumper sticker on their car that says "I'm allowed to speed" The vehicle was in the...
  5. Okay which one of us is this? Bad driver, language warning

    There seem to be two distinct camps here who don't understand they are disagreeing on the basic premise of assigning "fault" People who think the JT is exclusively at fault are juding who's fucking up traffic. And they are correct. You have no legal right to block someone else's lane. You...
  6. 2022 Gladiator Brochure Posted on Jeep Website!

    22B&P is already up, so the markup is already known
  7. Dealerships can be so sneaky

    ever handled an invoice for a new vehicle? I've sold them from ford, kia, chevy, saturn, nissan, hyundai, and jeep. guess what each one says about sticker price on their invoice? Hint: sticker price is msrp, and any attempt at redefinition is as attempt at obfuscation for the purposes of making...
  8. Dealerships can be so sneaky

    Pop quiz: At what price is the mnfr suggesting the vehicle be sold? Ford and toyota and kia certainly make this easy by declaring the largest number on the sticker the "Total MSRP", and i understand other mnfrs attempt to obfuscate, but while armchair apologists attempt to find a way to excuse...
  9. Dealerships can be so sneaky

    It may not be your first rodeo, but being a rodeo clown doesn't teach you anything about riding bulls Title 15 Chapter 28 Section 1232(f)(4) states: where 1, 2, and 3 list the base price, the options, and the destination charge
  10. Dealerships can be so sneaky

    If you're going to use a source as definitive, please try to make sure they don't contradict themselves: What is MSRP? What It Means and How to Use It - Autotrader
  11. Dealerships can be so sneaky

    Just so we're in the clear here, prior to ford "discovering it's dealers were making up fake bronco orders" the name match policy was 80%. Not sure why a bunch of major new outlets picked up the 60% name match story like it was a punishment for dealers when in reality they lowered the...
  12. Dealerships can be so sneaky

    some do, some are legally not allowed to request a non-refundable deposit (states vary). My state we have to refund all deposits, but the method of refund is open to interpretation. So if a customer was reasonable but just had a problem, we'd give them their money back by check. If a customer...
  13. Just Because It’s Mostly True

    i get that it's a joke... but the premise of the shrew wife and the uninterested husband has always bothered me. If marriages that identify with this premise are that common, way more people should be getting divorced. The core of this joke is "i could barely pick my wife out of a line-up, but...
  14. Dealerships can be so sneaky

    Jeep lists MSRP in a general column, then breaks it down into base price and total price. A total price under an MSRP column is a total MSRP Ford does it much better and clearly states Total MSRP Window Sticker ( Toyota includes destination in MSRP as well Toyota Inventory | New...
  15. Dealerships can be so sneaky

    I feel like I'm taking crazy pills. Every window sticker I've ever seen shows Base MSRP + options + destination = Total MSRP. I'm looking at a JT window sticker and an F150 window sticker right now, and both Total MSRPs include destination fees. Advertising a vehicle for a sales price, then...
  16. It's nice having a gecko green jeep window vents

    i've thought about putting visors on my black glad, but i can't imagine wanting to cover up an actual color with plastic
  17. 2022 configurator is up

    towing is std on altitude i believe.
  18. 2021 JL unlimited sky one-touch powertop, rattle heard CONSTANTLY above the left passenger side door. Anyone have any idea on temporary fixes?

    considering you're asking questions about a top option not available on the vehicle for the forum you're posting on, you're not likely to have much knowledge base with the problem.
  19. Is the answer a good ole fashioned Over Drive?

    What do you think overdrive off does? Because I'm guessing you don't understand it.
  20. Best place to sell my 2021 Jeep Gladiator Mojave?

    I've had good luck with KBB Instant Cash Offer. Sold two cars through there in the past few months. Offered more than carvana and carmax. KBB aren't the buyers though. They just link you up with dealerships that do less fuckaround and are willing to buy a car without you buying one too. Had...