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  1. 2021 freedom edition gladiator

    Looks sick. What tires are those? Do you think you'll need to regear?
  2. Who has the lowest mileage on their JT?

    850 miles. 500 are from the drive home from the dealer
  3. Is Lift and Larger Tires Necessary for Overlanding

    I plan on overlanding on my freedom gladiator in a few years. 33's, no lift (maybe 1 inch), towing an escapade or something like that so I can add a rooftop at some point. I wish I had limited slip, but I think with the right tires I'll get through whatever I plan on going through. I'll def...
  4. First time through a car wash with the premium soft top

    Definitely something I'll watch for, thanks. Hopefully that's not the case for the "premium soft top". It's only for the winter months that I'm using the carwash
  5. First time through a car wash with the premium soft top

    Touchless car wash. Was I nervous? Yes. Was it fine? Yes. My toddler son wasn't a fan but he'll get used to it haha.
  6. Unsold Mojave

    Bought my 21 Nacho freedom after it was sitting for almost a year. I had the same concern but everything has been fine. I assume it was sitting because A. nacho, B. manual, And C. Soft top. Probably hard to find someone who wants all three. Check it out but I wouldn't be scared. Still has the...
  7. Anyone wish they had THIS gladiator

    Oh wow, I never knew that. That's really interesting.
  8. Anyone wish they had THIS gladiator

    I'll never forget seeing this and wanting it so badly. Anybody wish they could have gotten this over their current gladiator?
  9. Hard Top

    Lol exactly. On my TJ I left the doors unlocked... Please help yourself to my music CDs from highschool and that cigarette USB charger dear criminal.
  10. Hard Top

    I have the premium soft top and it seems to get into the truck they need to cut the top and jump in, or hop in the bed and cut the back. Both seem so excessive that this thief would break into anything in front of them. To stay on topic, love my premium soft top, I had a hard top on my jk and I...
  11. Reserve fuel tank

    Lol that's advertisment for ya. That's the payload of a manual sport S. Just like they say it can tow up to 7500 pounds, that's a specific gladiator trim with the right options Every jeep is different. You need to check the side of your driver side door for the payload. I've seen gladiators...
  12. Reserve fuel tank

    Is that what it says on the side of your door? Every jeep is a little different. Do you have an automatic transmission?
  13. Reserve fuel tank

    So almost 600 before passengers, gear, and extra fuel tank? Is that tank going to put you over the payload?
  14. My dad wants a Renegade Trailhawk but I'm trying to get him into a Wrangler

    I think that's partially why I see so many used gladiators out there. People buy them not realizing what they're getting themselves into
  15. My dad wants a Renegade Trailhawk but I'm trying to get him into a Wrangler

    t I would advise him to test drive both and go from there
  16. Reserve fuel tank

    Nice setup. Do you know how much weight you're hauling?
  17. Questions regarding the Gladiator

    That seems strange. How slow were you going that you could keep it in 4 low? Were you crawling up?
  18. Why did you go diesel?

    So you have the jeep for everything and the ram for the things the jeep can't do. Perfect
  19. Questions regarding the Gladiator

    Yeah that 3rd gear is deceivingly long. Not bad though, just have to get used to not shifting to 4th while driving around town. As long as the jeep comes in stick, I'm going stick.