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  1. My Gator Retro/Export style/Overlander Gladiator Rubicon build.

    Great looking rig. Gator's my all-time favorite color. Wish I could have found one when I bought mine.
  2. What did you do WITH your Gladiator today?

    Congrats on the new ride. Welcome to the fold.
  3. Last Jeep ill ever own.

    Thanks! They were really nice guys, but dumb as a bucket of rocks. That was their idea of a "lift" kit.
  4. Help with Tires Please.

    I've always run Toyo Open Country M/T's on my Jeeps until this one. My Gladiator came stock with the Falken Wildpeak M/T's, which I loved. But, when I upgraded to 37's (mid-Covid), i wanted the Falkens, but the only 37-inch tire I could find in stock were BFG KM3 M/T's. I was very surprised...
  5. Last Jeep ill ever own.

    Pretty sure I went to college with those guys. That was the last Jeep they ever owned.
  6. Last Jeep ill ever own.

    I'm waiting to pull out of a parking lot today, and a guy drives by me in a new Bronco. He waves at me while he's going by. I wasn't trying to be a jerk, but it caught me off guard, so I didn't wave back. Anybody else get waves from anyone other than a Jeep? I can't tell you how many times...
  7. Which one?

    Congrats on the new ride! Great color, but I'm a little biased.
  8. For Sale, Lightly Modded Gladiator

    Holy crap on a cracker........ I have 2 questions: 1.) How much did they spend on all those parts? 2.) How many man hours did it take to install that many mods? Impressive. Hideous, but impressive.
  9. Last Jeep ill ever own.

    Still hard to believe Chris Cornell is gone. Really sad.
  10. Show me your furry Co-Pilots.

    Oh yeah, he's totally diggin' the co-pilot seat.
  11. Anyone wish they had THIS gladiator

    I always liked the retro bed-mounted spare on that concept. But I'd have a hard time getting my 37-inch spare on there. :muscle:
  12. Last Jeep ill ever own.

    Love me some Tater Salad........and his son Tater Tot
  13. Wiring Badlands ZXR12000 in factory steel bumper?

    My Smittybilt winch was a tight fit, and I have it mounted on the Mopar winch plate. My cables were rubbing with the control module mounted at top center on the winch, so I relocated to the offset mounting location. All good now. No rubbing.
  14. Rocks, Ice, and Mud. Union Springs and Bald Mountain trails

    Great pic's. Thanks for sharing. BTW, I love the "security system" on your cooler.
  15. Just got tires for Christmas!! Help me pick wheels.

    Agreed. For once, I actually really liked my stocks rims, but it made me nervous putting a 37 x 12.5 tire on them. I know guys do it, and many have no problems. But we just go to some pretty remote locations when we offroad, and I won't chance having a couple tires fail. That's one tow bill...
  16. Last Jeep ill ever own.

    Well crap, just another garage I want to live in.
  17. Quote from a local shop to lift my 2020 Gator Green Gladiator Rubicon

    I agree with the prior responses posted on costs, etc. As far as rubbing, I have the Mopar lift on my JTR with 37" BFG's (hich actually measure close to 36"). You could expect some rubbing on extreme flex offroad. Otherwise, you'll have plenty of clearance. I went with the Fox steering...
  18. About to install a Tazer JL mini and found there is a Powerteq in there

    That's probably what I have too. I installed it so long ago I can't remember. I can't remember what I had for breakfast.