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  1. San Diego

    I am in Escondido and drive a manual Rubicon. We can meet up at The Oasis in Escondido and trade beers for info.
  2. Huge MPG change?

    I figure if I am going to do any serious wheeling, I will switch them back out. It was an easy swap that took less than an hour. In the mean time the steps make it easier for the folks and Mrs. to hop in.
  3. The All New BAK Revolver X4s - Information and Group Buy

    What rack system did you use? How did it match up with the rails?
  4. Gas mileage is concerning..

    I went in eyes open getting the JT. It is a brick and there is very little you can do about it. I got it to drive slowly down dirt roads. I am OK with the mileage because I am lucky enough to have a few choices of what I will drive. I own far too many cars. Funny that my 392 SPWB can beat...
  5. Huge MPG change?

    I swapped out my rock rails for the tubular side steps. I shed a lot of weight doing that. My rough estimation is that the two steps weight less than a single rail. I swear I am getting better mileage by 1-2 mpg and this thread makes me think that is the reason.
  6. Jeep Gladiator Q4 and Full-Year 2021 U.S. Sales Figures

    Bought two MOPARS in 21, JTR and Charger GT (funny, same motor in those). Glad to have contributed to the numbers. Add in our 19 Challenger SPWB and they've made their money off me, but I smile every time I drive. I am definitely in that APEAL stat!
  7. Gas mileage is concerning..

    Well, I did a long road trip and had all sorts of terrain to go through. Mountain passes, highway driving, Hevy rain, slow driving in 4H through snow on the highway and over the Panamint mountains with a few 4500 ft. peaks. Also a long stretch of stop and go traffic from Baker down through the...
  8. The All New BAK Revolver X4s - Information and Group Buy

    I have the OEM bedliner on mine, but the rear seal fits tightly between the rails. The side rail seal is higher but I only get a few drips. I have been through very heavy rain and medium snow both driving and parked with no issues. Did yours come with a rear seal for the backside of the bed...
  9. Step options?

    I just swapped out my rock rails for the mopar tubular steps. Spouse approved for easier entry.
  10. Stereo install complete - Alternator Whine Now ??

    You've got a ground loop. I came across that in my audio upgrade in my Charger. with the Alpine audio. I tracked it down to the stock head unit. PAC audio adapter, Amps and processors were grounded to the chassis. I got rid of the loop and alternator whine by joining the stock head unit to...
  11. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    Swapped rock rails for Mopar tubular side steps. Figure I could swap back if needed, but in the meantime some passengers need a little help getting in. They don't hide the rocker as well, but they look good.
  12. Cut functional hood vents with what tool?

    I realize this is a necro-post, but in case anyone comes by to see it. I used a basic Milwaukee rotary tool. (Also known as a Dremel!) with the included cutting disks and it worked great. Neat lines if you plan it out ahead. Beware that you will generate a lot of plastic debris so wear...
  13. Hood Vents?

    You might want to figure out a way of sealing the edges, I got a critter under the hoods of a couple of my cars, and the edges of the liner were chewed up for nesting material. I ended up putting aluminum tape around the edges to discourage it. It seems rubber hosing is just as tasty. You...
  14. Oil Catch Can - is it needed?

    I run Billet brand catch can on my 392 running 0W-40 and it does capture about 100 ml of oil every oil change. I have a 2012 3.6L Charger and that one seems to run very dry and little or now blow-by. That one runs on 5W-30 oil. With the new 3.6 on 0W-20 it might blow more oil through...
  15. The All New BAK Revolver X4s - Information and Group Buy

    Dang. I drove a few hours over the Cascades to Bend in constant rain and nary a drop got through.
  16. Built this Gladiator bed partition / drywall-plywood holder

    Nothing to compare it to. Sure, I can buy some wood and hack at it, but you did a really nice job there. That's worth something. Pay yourself a decent carpenter's wage and cost of materials and put a price out there! Oak is pricey these days, but if you have reclaimed, all the better.
  17. New York Infinity speaker install

    My other last name is Sanchez, Maybe that is why I like Audio Control too! I would roll with Infinity of the same type. They will all have the same electronic characteristics (ohms and sensitivity) and keep the sound balanced. I have to look in to it more for all the spots. I recommend...
  18. New York Infinity speaker install

    Those are components-there was space for both speakers?