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  1. Convince me to get a GMRS radio

    But….the whole point of becoming a ham was to acquire radios. And all sorts of antennas.
  2. Unsold Mojave

    Also, even more's a ford.
  3. Has my Gladiator been lifted

    Honestly, I never even noticed that OP was female--did not care then, do not care now. I wouldn't care if today she went by Julia, but at birth she was called Burt, Fred, Paul, etc... I am, however, jealous that (s)he gets to live in Maine. I love that place.
  4. Has my Gladiator been lifted

    I posted this, too, without looking ahead....and laughing while doing it, thinking I was soooo clever. Cheers!!
  5. For Sale, Lightly Modded Gladiator

    Makes sense. I'd ask for a divorce settlement if she wanted that.
  6. For Sale, Lightly Modded Gladiator

    I'm at a loss for words.... and that doesn't happen too often.
  7. Unsold Mojave

    Those batteries are probably crap...
  8. 35x12.50 17 on 7.5 stock wheel

    Huge fan of the Mopar Steelies: cheap, simple, rugged…kinda how Jeep was, way back in the day.
  9. Adios Amigos!

    Well, sh!t, here we go again....
  10. Convince me to get a GMRS radio

    Im a ham guy and a sucker for 2m, so on the road, I run a Kenwood TM-D74A, with B side running APRS (144.39) and A side scanning pre-programmed local repeater list, NOAA and simplex call freq's....the only crappy part of that amazing radio is it's 5W output. The radio connects to my...
  11. Convince me to get a GMRS radio

    This very idea....always reminds me of the time I came home with a shop-vac from Home Depot, easily 20+ years ago now, after wife and i buying our first house. Very first thing I ever bought from them after buying my first house.... She: "wtf is that and what's it for?" Me: "ah, you'll...
  12. Steering wheel “Clicks”

    No reference to you, @joeschembri12 , but If I received a 90-day jail sentence for each time I preferred to assault someone that brought up the “it’s a Jeep thing”…I’d be in prison for the next 400 years…lmao.
  13. Broken tab/weld on Mojave Frame..No Warranty???

    I’m gonna bet that plenty of other dealers would have covered their own installation of aftermarket parts…I’m thinking this just another case of cagey, shifty-fcuk dealer shenanigans.
  14. Here is a new bed canopy coming.

    Yup...same here. I'd buy, just for this reason.
  15. Sooo...RCR did a review of the Gladiator.

    In the eloquent words of Paulie Walnuts….
  16. Water on drivers floor (3"+) after rain/sleet/snow

    Do you always park the truck outside? If so, has anything like this happened before…even a little water? Was the truck locked? I always wonder about stuff like this: like maybe was some d!ckhole possibly playing a joke and quickly shoveling half a cubic yard of snow into some poor schmuck‘s...
  17. 2021 Mojave pillar roof light bar

    Sniff around on the forum…there are a lot of threads specific to Mojave COWLING light mounts, but for individual (cube-style) lights…they do exist.
  18. Who owns this beauty?

    Triggered. It’s like a silk hat on a pig. I love Gladiators, but this is just senseless. On the other hand, as has been said in many other previous posts, the Jeep modification experience is entirely about an individual’s taste. In the end, I’m satisfied by the fact that someone not only has...
  19. Here is a new bed canopy coming.

    Ya, this is slick! Looking forward to seeing more.