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  1. Help with Tires Please.

    I have a set of 285/70/R17's Falcon Wildpeak AT3W's mounted and balanced on Mojave wheels including the TPMS's for sale in Southern Maryland if you're interested. Miles on them are ~3500 I think.
  2. Snazzberry Gladiator JT club

    First pic, it's in the beginning stage of a few modifications - more pics coming in a few days. Second pic, frostberry. 🥶
  3. Wierd button under steering wheel

    Stealth ejection seat switch? 🤷‍♂️
  4. Jeepers of Maryland

    Yes, if at all possible. I understand some folks may not be able to due to limited tools/limited space/condo or apartment restrictions etc.
  5. Jeepers of Maryland

    A neighbor and I will be installing an AEV 2" spacer lift on my '21 Mojave tomorrow morning starting ~9AM in my garage. I may install the Clayton F&R adjustable track bars and new wheels & 37" tires too. My neighbor has only so much time so we'll see what gets done. I normally work alone but...
  6. Building a Mojave on 40's

    How well did the Rubi do on Jack Hammer? In case you don't recall - here's a sample of the fun you'd have had. Jack Hammer Trail Review and Guide in Johnson Valley, California in 4K UHD - YouTube I ran mostly SoCal/Hammers trails for ~35 years. Good times.
  7. Baja Boss AT Tires

    Online at 4WP during their holiday's sale. Had them shipped to a local 4WP and picked them up there. Could have had them mounted and balanced for free by 4WP, but decided to have local friend who has literally done thousands of big tires do it instead. I did not buy the new wheels or new TPMS's...
  8. Let's see those winter wheeling shots! 🗻

    Snow dropped pretty good in Southern Maryland on Monday too. :like:
  9. What wheels are you putting on you JT?

    Had them mounted and balanced on a set of Baja Boss tires and hope to have them on the JT soon.
  10. Baja Boss AT Tires

    Had a friend mount and balance them on a set of Arsenal wheels and picked them up from his shop today. Hope to have 'em on the JT soon.
  11. Jeepers of Maryland

    Got ~7 1/2" in St Mary's county. Kinda doubt I'll fire-up either the Green Egg or infrared grill today. :giggle:
  12. The Definitive Front Bumper Thread

    Motobilt Hammer. I painted it with Krylon Fusion.
  13. Jeepers of Maryland

    Hi Adam, :rock: I was actually supposed to do the lift on Saturday with a friend/neighbor who wanted to watch/learn & see what it's like to do a 2" spacer lift on a JT. However, things came up for him so I postponed the lift & did a couple easy installs instead. I pick-up the mounted tires...
  14. Jeepers of Maryland

    I did end up with a few minutes to toy around in the garage this afternoon. One thing I need to address is that the Motobilt fairlead mount has gussets that contact the low profile Evo outer assembly on both sides near the base. A little cutting and some fresh paint does the trick. Wiring is...
  15. Jeepers of Maryland

    Well, I finally had a little time to screw around in the garage today. Motobilt Hammer bumper install was pretty strait forward. Depending on how my day goes tomorrow, if I have some garage time, I'll install the winch.
  16. Jeeping “Valley of the Moon” trail in San Diego w/ drone footage

    I never get tired of seeing more of east county. I *might* be in SoCal again from Jan 21 to 30 Pre-covid, I use to travel back to SoCal/San Diego about twice a month for work. I'd usually take a few days off while there to visit family, friends, and occasionally wheeling/riding shotgun. Both...
  17. More AZ wheelin

    Nice - thanks for sharing. :)
  18. Jeeping “Valley of the Moon” trail in San Diego w/ drone footage

    Nicely done Glen. I lived and wheeled in SD/SoCal/Johnson Valley for ~35 years. Beautiful area of the county. I miss the Los Coyotes Indian Reservation days.
  19. Jeepers of Maryland

    The orange 3/4" (7/8" pin) D-ring shackles from Nilight arrived yesterday. Powder coating seems nice. They come with rubber washers for the pins and snap on/off isolators to help reduce clanking around. I need to add a few 7/8" washers between the rubber and clevis mount to help take up a bit...
  20. Jeepers of Maryland

    Welcome aboard Shawn. :rock: