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  1. TazerJL Trail Turn Assist in Action [Video]

    I could be misunderstanding how this works, but I don't think it has anything to do with a locker or LSD, the Tazer is just activating the inside brake on the rear axle.
  2. AUX switches - what ya running?

    Cool, thanks for the info. I had noticed there was no ground stud on the Switch pro, but it didn't strike me why it would be an issue. Thanks for pointing that out. I think I am probably going spod since I just realized that my Grimm ARB mount I just bought includes the Spod mount...
  3. AUX switches - what ya running?

    I'm currently trying to decide between the spod or switch pros.. Any preference between the two or is it a toss up? For now I'm looking to run: Winch disconnect front lights rear lights Side/rock lights both seem to get the job done, I just can't decide which i should go with..
  4. Passenger heated seat on remote start.

    In my 21 JTM you can only turn on the driver side with the remote start.. .
  5. Dead Battery After 2 weeks

    Well my JTM, has been at the dealer since Wednesday, yesterday they finally finished testing them and they said just the main battery is bad. They also found that the negative terminal on the main battery is not tightening properly. That part they had to order so I don't get the truck back until...
  6. Kenda Klever R/T KR601 35x10.50R17

    Those are for 33 though, not 35 unfortunately.
  7. Can anyone help me source / buy a specic part please? - 7BU57DX9AA

    Thats too bad I hope you get it sorted soon, I'm looking forward to your touring around Australia. So I wonder if the part in my link is an export part then? The PN matches..
  8. Dead Gladiator. Both batteries replaced. Still dead.

    Could this be an issue still if the factory HU has been replaced? I've got the IA JL3001 HU and my JTM is currently at the dealer with two very dead batteries. I'm just curious, hopefully when I get it back tomorrow there won't be any other issues.
  9. Can anyone help me source / buy a specic part please? - 7BU57DX9AA

    Moparpartsinc seems ot have it for $200 although it doesn't eplicitly say its in stock, I was able to add it to my cart: I put in the vehicle as a 21 JTR and it says it fits. I can't imagine there...
  10. Start/Stop Climate Controls

    I just had to drop mine off at the dealer for the bad battery issue as it keeps going dead after sitting overnight. The last time i jump started it and tried to use it I got exactly the symtoms you describe. When I tested the battery it was down near 5 volts, so pretty much a goner. Not sure if...
  11. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    I've had 3 tundras and a highlander over the last 10 years and I definitely enjoyed them, but I laughed when I read the remote start comment. God that drove me crazy lol. Totally agree on the infotainment systems too, very behind the times. My 2014 ram with the 8.4 was way better than the system...
  12. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    I have the model S in the smooth finish and I am very happy with it. Functionally it operates no different than the factory case, other than the key is external.
  13. THREEDOM - We would really like to hear from you!

    The model S was the first thing I bought for my JTM, I've been really pleased with it. It may not exactly feel factory, but it looks the part and works perfectly. Every time I pick up my other factory fob it annoys me lol. Now that the M+ is out I'll probably grab one of those to have a super...
  14. Coverking Topliner - Review & Install

    Great, appreciate the info!
  15. Coverking Topliner - Review & Install

    Great writeup, appreciate the work! I have my CK liner, I'm just waiting for my hardtop to get delivered. I decided I wanted to do the sound deadening as well, but I was worried the liner wouldn't fit over a thicker underlayment. Did you have any fitment issues? Can you confirm this is what...
  16. Kentucky Decked Bed Drawer system

    Do the nutcerts impact the water tightness? I'm not sure how these are put together. Thanks
  17. Anyone have any experience with Insane Audio?

    This is basically what I got it for and it works very well for me so far. I use Gaia mostly and I have had no issues. Generally boot up is instant as it just goes to sleep wen the vehicle is off (just like the factory unit). If your battery dies or is disconnected it will need to do a full...
  18. Anyone have any experience with Insane Audio?

    I understand the complaint about XM (I don't use it so I can't comment really), but I don't get the complaint about having to have internet to work. Your phone is exactly the same, if your phone has internet (and a hotspot) the IA works fine. Sure, you can't use Netflix and Youtube and Amazon...
  19. Anyone have any experience with Insane Audio?

    It will by default (at least that is how mine came), but all you have to do is go into options and change it.
  20. Disable honking when stepping out while engine is running

    This is how I set up my Mojave and I do not get any honking for anything I do; remote start, locking, unlocking and leaving it running without the keyfob in the vehicle. I do have proximity entry and it doesn't make any difference if the parking brake is or or off, no honks.