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  1. Bronco Raptor just released!

    You can't get a normal Bronco at the moment and the reservation system was a chit chow. This will be worse
  2. Jeep Beep

    O.P. Are you the original/only owner of this jeep?
  3. Any experience with Rightline Gear truck tent?

    Have you used the tent since this last post? Do you still like it? I have been contemplating getting that with an AirBedz mattress which is designed to fit around the wheel wells. I'd really like to get a RTT, but this is much more affordable
  4. Passenger heated seat on remote start.

    Hell yea!!
  5. Jeep Beep

    It does not sound like it a jeep beep. it sounds like some other type of device in which the battery is dying.
  6. What should I tell the dealership to get second steering box TSB fix?

    Hopefully you get a Mechanic vs a GuessAnic Or PartSwapAnic
  7. Question on XPLOR Jeep Gladiator Bed Rack - Half Height

    Hello Rebel I was just curious if you knew of any tonneau covers that would work with your bed rack. It's would nice to be able to have both your rack and the bed covered for security and water/snow protection of items in the bed. Thanks
  8. Passenger heated seat on remote start.

    Nope, not missing something But the Taser Mini has so many awesome options, it's well worth every penny. I can't recommend it enough. The Turn Cam option [Rear view camera comes on when you turn on your blinkers] when towing a trailer is freaking awesome.
  9. So, what is everybody towing?

    Like a moron, I forgot to take a picture of the JT connected to the trailer, but now that I missed that boat, I was at least able to take some pictures of the new car hauler. It's Greyhound approved, but not unanimous. My other greyhound didn't even bat an eye at it. but Amelia was super...
  10. Curt Echo

    It and the hitch fit very nicely right here
  11. Curt Echo

    So I finally got a chance to use the Curt Echo today. Setup was super easy. You plug it into the 7 Pin harness to give it power and then sync it to your smart phone via the app, just like any other bluetooth device. It ask for a code which is unique to each of them and is printed under the...
  12. Project "MOHAVEY"

    Thanks. I will. It would be nice to have that area covered at times
  13. What should I tell the dealership to get second steering box TSB fix?

    Shouldn't both of those be covered under warranty, or did you upgrade your ball joints?
  14. Project "MOHAVEY"

    Is there any way to use a tonneau cover with the Xplor rack? Doesn't seem like it, but figured I would ask. I really like that setup with that RTT. Looks like one of the easiest ones to use and the overall setup is below the line of the roof.
  15. Turn assist with tazer

    My Manual does not even say 2022 is supported yet. But obviously it is. I had turn assist from Day and did not even notice it.
  16. What should I tell the dealership to get second steering box TSB fix?

    So I drove out to pick up my 18' trailer today. It was the first long trip since I dropped the tire pressure down to 35psi. I set the ACC to 80mph and drove it with one hand. Once I got the trailer, I did the same thing on the way home and it felt great. Really stable. Sorry Dave, you...
  17. Gladiator Window Sticker and Build Sheet Order Tracking

    Very cool for a lot of people
  18. Turn assist with tazer

    You forgot the most important part. You can get a Gladiator Bronco is still a crap shoot, and when they do show up, dealers are screwing over buyers with surprise ADM. I reserved a Bronco in July 2020 and officially placed the order in January 2021. Still waiting Ordered a gladiator on...
  19. Wierd button under steering wheel

    So did the OP ever find where the wires went?
  20. ‘21 JTRD TugBoat Build

    I think this is the direction I will be going with my JT. Did they come in black and then you had them painted? I think the Black would look cool with my Hydro Blue They do have Gladiator Rear Flares that they sell with fronts here...