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  1. Sooo...RCR did a review of the Gladiator.

    Iam with texanjeeper. The guy sounds like a beta male. Unless it has "the steering issue" these things drive pretty damn good for a solid axle vehicle. I did get a little chuckle out of the beginning of it though😁
  2. Jeep ceo…. Wants zero emission freedom brand

    He's right Dan. So as a "collective", citizens can ask for more regulation to reduce emissions and control pollution more but a taxpayer can't voice concerns over what they perceive as funding wreckless behavior?
  3. Sooo...RCR did a review of the Gladiator.

    The beginning was funny to me but after that it was just bleh. He could have done much better if he knew the owner base. I've seen much worse stuff on Facebook and the internet in general in terms of what owners do to their gladiators. When you go out of your way to get attention from people it...
  4. Huge MPG change?

    Sell it and get a Honda odyssey. Make all your friends jealous when you meet them at the panera bread parking lot.
  5. Jeep ceo…. Wants zero emission freedom brand

    We know it's cronyism because the American people are the number one target of environmental regulation instead of dirty chinese manufacturing. We are not building affordable EV's in America without major government subsidies. Iam the perfect candidate for an EV. 15 minute commute to work...
  6. Jeep ceo…. Wants zero emission freedom brand

    I think most of these people have zero curiosity about these real concerns unless it's fed to them from commercials during their favorite sitcoms or sports games. Just like they have no curiosity about the origins of covid 19. They just want to fulfill the goals of what they are programmed to...
  7. Rivian out in the wild. AND suffers a blow out...

    Very cool truck. The guy was what I expected of an EV enthusiast. I couldnt believe he said his Tacoma would have trouble doing the trail he was on with the rivian. He goes through the trouble of virtue signaling with that stupid mask and then removes it halfway talking about the trail...
  8. Jeep ceo…. Wants zero emission freedom brand

    Iam amazed at how incredibly naive people are. Electric can be awesome for sure, but the technology is not there yet. At the same time it is inevitable that the collective of people in this country get exactly what they deserve for the time and effort they put into governing choices.
  9. 3.0L "Tornado" Straight-Six Engine (GME T6) Coming to Various Jeep Models

    I think most of us will have to move to large cities and live in large housing complexes that are efficiently ran to minimize energy consumed day to day. We will have to eliminate air conditioning as well if we are serious about saving the planet.
  10. Okay which one of us is this? Bad driver, language warning

    The guy the gladiator wasn't paying attention and should have made the uturn after traffic had cleared. Guy on the motorcycle shouldn't have banged on the truck. We all make mistakes at some point and it's best to apologize when you do and try not to make the same mistake twice.
  11. What does the 2026, 40 mpg jeep wrangler model look like?

    Iam excited about the prospect of viable alternatively powered vehicles but I don't want to be forced into it by people who stand to gain financially if that occurs. It's pretty obvious that is what is going on.
  12. California Factory Halogen Tailights Like New!!

    Oh man this is so tempting. I just bought a small 4x8 foot trailer from harbor freight and those big tail lights would look even better on the trailer but still retain that cheep chinese trailer OEM look. Do you have any pitchers of those bad boys that I can show my wife to convince her that...
  13. What does the 2026, 40 mpg jeep wrangler model look like?

    If we do go all electric at some point, can another country offset our low pollution output by not holding high standards in pollution? If so, have we really solved anything on a global scale other than feeling good about ourselves?
  14. What does the 2026, 40 mpg jeep wrangler model look like?

    Good question! How have increased regulations benefited the people of your state? Greater economic prosperity, increased quality of life, rising economy, safer communities? Your state leads the way in terms of environmental protection policies. How much does a new wrangler cost when it turns...
  15. What does the 2026, 40 mpg jeep wrangler model look like?

    New EPA guidelines for automobiles.
  16. What does the 2026, 40 mpg jeep wrangler model look like?

    What do you mean who cares? This is a jeep forum where we talk about all things jeep.
  17. New emissions recall for 2020 Gladiator 3.6L. Any thoughts.

    Received my notice today in the mail.
  18. What does the 2026, 40 mpg jeep wrangler model look like?

    Will it be small like a geo tracker or Suzuki samurai with a small diesel motor? Aluminum framed, limited sound deadening to save weight? Front wheel drive only? Or does it just go away completely?
  19. My OEM Front Trail Cam install thread

    So you need the 8.4" head unit to run the oem mod?
  20. 75" tv in Back?

    I did exactly that this year. TV standing up, cover folded up, tailgate down, two straps over the TV box. Worked fine.