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  1. Leaking axle seal?

    Unreal that this is still happening. I have to believe by now FCA knows what the actual root cause/issue was. Probably stuck with bean counters in a back room somewhere calculating their potential costs/risks of an official recall or TSB. Mine has been repaired twice so far (shaft assembly...
  2. Wierd button under steering wheel

    As other have said previous owner probably had some accessory installed to it. I would at least poke around a bit to ensure they didn't remove whatever it was (light bar, amp, etc) and leave the wires just clipped off and capable of being energized when the switch is flipped. People do all...
  3. Does Bed Capacity change with MOPAR Fox Lift?

    The max payload of a sport S with max tow package was 1600lbs. Payload is the weight of all passengers in the vehicle and any cargo in the bed. That was with the heavier max tow springs. I believe a stock Rubicon had around a 1050lb payload rating. From what I have read the mopar lift springs...
  4. Leaking axle seal?

    Gosh this is so frustrating that it is still going on and there has not been a TSB yet. It has to be obvious to FCA there is an issue given the number of warranty repaiirs and parts orders. Bean counters in a backroom somewhere probably calculating costs/risks. Fingers crossed mine stayus dry...
  5. New emissions recall for 2020 Gladiator 3.6L. Any thoughts.

    what looks sketchy? Looks like a prretty normal recall to me. Sounds like they have just found a software defect in the code that was loaded onto a certain batch of PCMs and it will require a quick reflash at the dealer.
  6. Leaking axle seal?

    ughhh I feel your pain! I am on repair #2 already and honestly just waiting for it to leak again. I'm 99% convinced the axle "tube"/housing is out of spec on some of ours....and just not allowing the seal on the axle shaft assembly (the unit they keep replacing) to seal properly.
  7. Leaking axle seal?

    I know you were not asking me...but I am one of the folks with a 2x failure as well. First one (the original from the factory) failed at around 1,200 miles.....second one failed around 3,750 or so. Keeping a close eye on this third one......
  8. Bent Frame - Part Deux

    Well now (with those instagram pics) the likely story is slowly becoming more clear......Likely overloaded with gear, and blasting down rutted/washboard roads (no doubt with some "whoops") pretending to be a trophy truck.
  9. New Gladiator Down

    I am betting it turns out to be the fuses ....or maybe a ground issue. It just sounds like a few other stories I have read on here. When I checked my fuses just after it was delivered (based opn what I read here) I found that several clicked in much tight and at least a few were very loose and...
  10. Tint scheduled for this weekend. Not sure what percent I want to go?

    I went with 25% Llumar ceramic up front and to my eye it looks like an exact match to the back. This was recommended by thte tint shop that does a lot of jeeps when I mentioned I wanted as close of a match as possible. As noted above...up to you to determine legality and your "comfort" with...
  11. Bent Frame - 2021 Gladiator Mojave

    love these threads loaded with details. [eyeroll] .... "my frame is bent and the dealership is denying it under warranty"....but I didn't do anything". So did it magically bend itself sitting in your driveway? It takes a lot of force to bend a what aren't you telling us?
  12. Rust! Is it just me?

    That is correct, the amsoil product dries to a a candlewax consistency. No dripping, no seeping. But just be advised to use it in a very welll ventilated area.....lots of serious chemicals in it.
  13. Rust! Is it just me?

    Interesting...."frame and other steel components" basically almost all of the underside....frame, sheetmetal, etc. I was sort of wondering about the e-coat on sthe sheet metal when I was under there crawling around when I first received mine back in February. I already hit most of the...
  14. Fix it myself or take it to the dealer?

    Yep and add lug nuts to that as well. Mine were all basically finger tight....scary.
  15. Gladiator Glamour Shots

    I'm not a photographer...and just have my cell phone...but I think she's looking pretty good in this pic from today.
  16. Need WINTER Tire recommendations for 2021 Willy’s Diesel—KM2’s NOT cutting it!!

    Ahhh well that explains had the mud terrains. The actual KO2's with the three mountain peak snowflake rating are pretty darn good in snow. Mud terrains are downright dangerous in pretty much all snow and ice other than super deep offroading in snow. These are KO2s :
  17. “Vehicle Will Shut Off Soon”

    Reading this entire thread just now...and so glad it is resolved for OP. I could not agree more with the posts saying "boy we are all in trouble" I too have never been on more than dirt roads with a few small puddles.......and it is absolutely filthy under my hood. Purchased in February...
  18. Need WINTER Tire recommendations for 2021 Willy’s Diesel—KM2’s NOT cutting it!!

    If you feel the triple mountain peak rated BFGs are not getting the job done, no other normal AT tire will, and it is time for some dedicated snow tires. The only other thing I would add is to put at least 200 pounds in the bed (bags of sand work great).
  19. The trip home from Gupton to Ca ongoing - picked up Gecko JT

    Looks great! On the are better off getting it aftermarket anyway. The LineX shops do a much better prep job (improves adherance) and put the product on much thicker.
  20. Financing Options

    I have no experience with Gupton and my comment does not relate to them. Let me just say I used one of the other high volume internet dealers for my custom order. What the finance manager verbally told me and what was printed on my actual loan documents was very different when it came to early...