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  1. How does it look?

    PIT maneuver fan here!
  2. What Bumper is this?

    Several Fakebook hits
  3. Jeep Beep

    What did she have for lunch?
  4. Jeep Beep

    Your ankle monitor fall off again?
  5. Front License Plate Holder

    They require a front plate on the Moon? That’s out of this world
  6. Headlight upgrade major confusion

    I put on the Oracle Oculus LED lights and I’m happy with them. You shouldn’t need heated LED’s in Florida and snow won’t be an issue. If snow is a concern get the heated version.. Are the OEM’s heated?
  7. Jeep Vangler

    Niagara Falls tour bus
  8. 2020 Launch edition, Trailer Running Lights Have never worked since new.

    Not familiar what Jeep does for a ground. Years ago I had a Ford truck where ford thought the hitch itself would make a good ground between the tow vehicle and trailer. I put a jumper cable between the two vehicles and the trailer lights popped on. Just a thought.
  9. Question about the auto position of the headlight switch

    As far as I can tell the only way to invoke headlights during the day is running the wipers. Oh, the other way.. put your sunglass case on the dashboard covering the light sensor. Don’t ask me how I know.
  10. Terra Acoustics Front Soundstage (Speaker upgrade)

    In case anyone’s interested. I’m not affiliated Email I received today: “So, and we know this is a big ask, but we'd be eternally grateful if you'd help us spread the word far and wide that now's the time to hop on the Terra waitlist. Your word of mouth is the single best way a small business...
  11. Okay which one of us is this? Bad driver, language warning

    Bikers are used to the abuse and should expect it. Both wrong. Why couldn’t the bike just ‘jump’ over the Glad?🙃
  12. Halogen Headlights are terrible

    More prone to getting snow-blind because of the whiter light. Yellow-ish halogens cut through better and don’t reflect back as much. I kept my halogen fogs partly because of this. I’ll get yellow fogs when I’m able to.
  13. Halogen Headlights are terrible

    Oracle 9” Oculus. Love them. Plug ‘n Play
  14. My new Gecko !

    Can’t lose that in a parking lot! Congrats
  15. Just Because It’s Mostly True

  16. Blue smoke?

    Weren’t some dealers overfilling motor oil during scheduled maintenance?
  17. New emissions recall for 2020 Gladiator 3.6L. Any thoughts.

  18. 2473

    Do they get locked and dumped to the bottom or are they gone-gone forever?
  19. Unintentional paint test

    It appears station owners are skimping on mandatory safety training for employees. I see it all the time, customers filling milk jugs with gasoline. People not shutting off their vehicles while gassing up. Not calling the fire department for spills greater than a gallon.. This is the ONLY...