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  1. MOJAVE Edition Gladiator JT Club

    Maybe try going into 4 hi while driving. Does TC go off then?
  2. MOJAVE Edition Gladiator JT Club

    Hmm. Got me there. IDK
  3. MOJAVE Edition Gladiator JT Club

    Ok, I got it. I was wrong about holding the button when light is on. Offroad + automatically turns off traction control. Then hold button. 4H Offroad + Hold traction control Lock rear
  4. MOJAVE Edition Gladiator JT Club

    When you hold the button with the light on it will do nothing but turn traction control back on. When the light is out, try holding the button longer. I was counting one-one thousand and I only counted 4 seconds. Give it 10 seconds. It should work. I will try mine.
  5. Rumbling sound as I drive along in my new Overland

    Do you have mud tires?
  6. Best Dead Pedal?

    I got the one from Amazon too. Works great. I can stretch out by putting my heel at the top.
  7. Gladiator or another brand for a work truck?

    Yes. Fool me once… 35 years ago, but who’s counting? I hold a grudge.
  8. Gladiator or another brand for a work truck?

    Ford Maverick LOL
  9. Gladiator or another brand for a work truck?

    I wouldn’t do that, they lie and cheat.
  10. Lift questions for Mojave

    The other spacers are shown from the top at the bottom of the pic. What I see missing is the rear shock extensions and rear sway bar end links. Due to the angle of the rear shocks, maybe they’re not needed? IDK I guess it doesn’t matter, it’s on back order too LOL
  11. Lift questions for Mojave

    AEV (since 1997) makes amazing products, but Skyjacker (since 1974) has been around a hell of a lot longer. Both kits are spacer kits so you retain the OEM springs. I’ve never bought from either company but I would never dismiss Skyjacker as not worthy. FWIW, you don’t need a lift to fit 35’s...
  12. Egr,DPF delete while in mexico.

    There are lots of people doing it in the states, even CA, but you gotta know someone that knows someone, etc. It’s black market kinda stuff. Or do it yourself.
  13. Egr,DPF delete while in mexico.

    I was so excited about the diesel option (mostly for mileage and off road range) until I really thought it through and decided I didn’t want the headaches. I drive a diesel truck for a living and deal with all these EGR, DPF and DEF issues already. I’ll just keep carrying extra gas.
  14. Trouble getting into 4WD-L

    You read my mind!
  15. Trouble getting into 4WD-L

    It needs to break in. Mine was very hard to get in the first few times. Also, try it with the jeep rolling slowly. Very slowly.
  16. Egr,DPF delete while in mexico.

    The sound wouldn’t change much, if any. My buddy had his Peterbilt done and they basically gut the DPF and reprogram the computer to ignore whatever they did. All the stock exhaust remains. There’s the EGR and DEF systems that have to be addressed too.
  17. Egr,DPF delete while in mexico.

    I doubt it would be an issue at the border, but it will be an issue if you have to pass emissions where you live. If not, go for it. Roll coal. Also, if the dealer finds it they may void your power train warranty. Harley is doing the same thing.
  18. How does it look?

    Or bump gates. Seen a lot of those in south Texas. If you’re not quick you get a nice dent in the rear LOL
  19. Let's See Your Personalized Plates

    Operation Desert Storm (Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iraq 1991) Operation Restore Hope (Somalia 1993) I get the privilege of paying $50 a year for that. 😕