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  1. Fox, Falcon, or ?

    Last I heard … kings are a year out.
  2. Falcon Shocks Availability?

    Have you though about stepping up? northridge is showing the upgraded setup in stock… pulse if you use “sharktank” in the coupon codes you can get a discount.
  3. How does it look?

    It’s a damage multiplier! Woot. if it’s your style do it. Not my rig. Good luck with your decision.
  4. Trouble getting into 4WD-L

    My method with auto 1. Stop and hold brake 2. Shift from D to neutral 3. Shift from 4HI to N 4. Release brake enough to roll (doesn’t matter fwd or reverse) 5. Put into 4LO and then drive works every time oh and ps… never on cement
  5. 37s factory rubicon wheels

    Well it lifted the truck to get the bigger tires… but drivability got to be an issue. I’m a firm believer to do a complete lift and at the time the lift o wanted wasn’t out so it had to do.
  6. 37s factory rubicon wheels

    I’m running a 3.5” Metalcloak lift and the tires are 37x12.50r17’s here a few pictures for you
  7. MetalCloak GC to 6.5 inch lift

    You should give a call to MC. Their support staff is great.
  8. Body vs frame mount sliders

    White knuckle and Ironman 4x4 frame mount sliders also meta
  9. Upgrading stock subwoofer

    I’m planning on putting a JL 13tw5 in my stock location… i have figured that i can get around .5-.6 cu ft airspace which would be perfect for that sub… yes power is needed but I’m not going small on my system… but for now I’m keeping stock. Ps… I haven’t pulled off the panels yet just pre thinking
  10. Bronco Raptor just released!

    I don’t like the TFL guys… tried to meet them… they walked on by with their noses up oh and … meh… until they put a full electric bronco out with 1000 miles range it isn’t a big deal
  11. Teach me your ways: lift research & questions

    Also another thing you can do is get a new y pipe… it will move your exhaust crossover point… but it’s $$$$ and most people will go to a aftermarket driveshaft to get rid of the cv joint on the transfer case. That cv is known to go out at anytime after you do a lift. It can go out within days or...
  12. TeraFlex 3.5 inch CT2 Lift with Falcon 3.3 Shocks

    I would always spend a little more to buy things over rough country… I bought from them once…never again. The bushings failed within 6 months and 2 off-road trips.
  13. Teach me your ways: lift research & questions

    I have specs of their shocks… and now you do too
  14. Teach me your ways: lift research & questions

    well… the MC lifts can attain more down travel. I have a MC 3.5” lift myself and can attest to that. The oem front driveshaft is very wide and has a plastic boot that can touch the exhaust crossover in an excessive down travel instance. If look at most of the major brands; ie MC, EVO rockKrawler...
  15. Started shopping have questions

    Yes a factory order would be the best due to you getting to build a new vehicle you want but yes… the wait sucks but isn’t that bad… definitely been there. You should build a list of no compromise items and stick to them… I was lucky and find a used rubi gasser that had everything I wanted...
  16. MetalCloak GC to 6.5 inch lift

    I have the GC lift but have no experience with putting in the taller springs. I have seen on other forums for wranglers that people have done it but how high… I’m unsure… good luck
  17. Fox, Falcon, or ?

    Here are the falcon lengths… you can match them up to the fox lengths. So the fox shocks you linked are just are just resi’s with no adjustments. They do have that version with adjusters but they cost around $90-$100 more per shock. These would be a big upgrade over your stock shocks. The fox...
  18. SGW bypass cables

    Oh no… did it just quit???
  19. Is this how my ball joints are supposed to look?

    This is what I was referring too but hey if you say it’s fine it’s fine right???