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  1. Silverado EV promises 20k towing capability + mid gate design

    Let me know when they start putting charging stations in the middle of the desert or do we have to carry our own diesel generator to do it!
  2. Gorilla Glass Windshield Cracked For No Reason

    Seen it occasionally on a couple different type vehicles. Crack due to cold weather. Usually when its cold and defrost is used. Bad glass.
  3. Fire Extinguishers - Manufacture & Install Location

    Put it where you can get to it!
  4. Color?

    If its a Gladiator then all colors are good...except black! :LOL:
  5. Falling out of 4H into Neutral

    I had it happen a couple times when the truck was new. Issue is that it was not fully engaged in 4H. Ensure you are completely in 4H.
  6. Any other dealers adding this much "market adjustment"?

    Yea, it looks like everyone is adding $10k on both new and used models.
  7. New emissions recall for 2020 Gladiator 3.6L. Any thoughts.

    I would! Otherwise they will flag it and you may not get any service
  8. Gladiator/Wrangler Theory

    My wife is pissed that there is no 2 door JL Sahara. She has had all 2 doors and the last few have been Sahara's. She has been eyeing an upgrade but only 2 doors are sports, Willy or Rubi's. She does not like the 4 doors or the JT's.
  9. What did you do WITH your Gladiator today?

    It was much worse in China. To listen to the stories my Grandfather told. My mother was born in Shanghai! But they also lost the oldest son there.
  10. What did you do WITH your Gladiator today?

    Thank you for your story which brings up memories of my Grandparents. They lived in Hamburg and my grandfather was quite outspoken about the Regime. Being a Jew, he was thrown in jail numerous times. Circa 1939. The last time my grandmother went to visit him in jail, they grabbed them both...
  11. Manufacturer Buy-back "Approved"... What happens now?

    It usually takes a couple of weeks before finance contacts you on the deal. You will get a specific value and can buy whatever you want. If you get another Gladiator then thats when things go a little sideways. Typically you have to make up the price differential between the 2 vehicles. I...
  12. Getting wires through grommet in firewall, any pointers?

    I installed the Z-Automotive Trail cam. The OEM was still back ordered for months when I did it. Insert pins in the 8.4 screen plug and enabled through the Tazer.
  13. Getting wires through grommet in firewall, any pointers?

    I ran wires for my front trail cam. There was a lone plug below the harness that is just a plug. Pulled it, made a hole then re-installed and ran the wires through it. Once complete I ran some RTV into the hole to make waerproof from the engine compartment
  14. Need help tracking down an intermittent noise

    Is it wet/icy/snowy roads? the anti slip may do that!
  15. Need help tracking down an intermittent noise

    Are you sure you are not running over some sort of grate like a cattle crossing. sure sounds like it...Brrrrt Could it be a manhole cover?
  16. Regear and selec speed control

    The computer should take care of it as long as you change the gear value in the computer.
  17. Just ordered the 2022 Gladiator Rubicon - what are the best accessories??

    Winch: It really depends on where you are going. Logging trails? any fording? Are you traveling by yourself (only 1 vehicle). It better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.
  18. Steep Downhill w/Switchbacks in 4-Lo

    Yea, the full deflection is where the pain always is...even in 4 Hi. You dont want that binding for too long or too often.