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  1. Let's see those winter wheeling shots! 🗻

    …a little better snow today in Northern Virginia! Overland on Falken Wildpeak AT3s performed great in 13 inches of fresh snow
  2. Snazzberry Gladiator JT club

    Not sure what you meant by "front cover", but if you mean the cabin top, it's the Bestop Sunrider Soft, and most useful modification I've made.
  3. Snazzberry Gladiator JT club

    I ordered from Quadratec: Mopar Front Air Deflector for 18-22 Jeep Wrangler JL & Gladiator JT $116.99 4.166665 (12) It's a Mopar product so you should also be able to order from Jeep. Seems to work well.
  4. Gladiator Glamour Shots

    Got cold enough last weekend for the ski slope to start making snow!
  5. Snazzberry Gladiator JT club

    There's not much of it...but it's now seen its first snow!
  6. Let's see those winter wheeling shots! 🗻

    Not much yet....but it is the first of this year!
  7. Let's see those Fall Colors.

    Shenandoah Valley Fall
  8. Gas mileage is concerning..

    Stock Overland - modified OEM tires with 275/65 Falken ATs - I have combined mpg of 20.5 over 12,000 miles. I drive to the Virginia mountains from the DC area each weekend 200 miles round trip and average 24 mpg. recent drive to OBX (260 miles) averaged 27 mpg.
  9. Lets see those Gladiator Beach pics

    Corova Beach on the Outer Banks just south of the North Carolina/Virginia border:
  10. Snazzberry Gladiator JT club

    New tires for the SNAZJT: And alongside a friends new Sarge Green Mojave:
  11. Snazzberry Gladiator JT club

    Thanks...tried to keep it simple ... all enhancements to be black and silver (pewter? brushed aluminum?) to go with the stock color scheme. As for the hood graphics, I only found one place that had the deign I wanted: jeep-overland-hood-vinyl-decals-jl-jt-2018-2020 Great quality product, and...
  12. Snazzberry Gladiator JT club

    Hello to all - new to this forum...bought the Overland in March. Two trips to the OBX 4x4 beach; one "Badge of Honor" trail, and multiple trips to the Virginia mountains - and loving it!
  13. Adaptive Cruise Control Acceleration

    I agree with all above. I have been driving a Mercedes for 5 years and its ACC ("Distronic") is very smooth in adjusting speed when passing. I really like the Jeep I have experimented a little bit - when I come up behind a slow driver, I wait until there is safe space to transfer...
  14. New Gladiator owner with a few questions!

    Great looking color! I have the painted fenders on the Overland, but use the 303 on the trim. Most useful mods so far have been the tonneau cover, and Line-X in the bed. Dead pedal has been a great addition. My wife loves the Bestop Sunrider soft top
  15. Bearing Line on Map Screen

    Last week I took a trip from Virginia over North Mountain into West Virginia using a destination in a WV park. I programmed the trip in UConnect navigation and hit go. When I left the main roads and hit the mountain roads (which were not well mapped) a straight white bearing line going all the...