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    On top of the roll bar/sound bar.
  2. Anybody heard anything about this?

    I'm going off the product's description: To be honest, even if it isn't zippers and it's velcro strips instead, that's worse. Nothing fun about trying to apply tension to velcro.
  3. Anybody heard anything about this?

    For me, buckle straps and zippers are a deal breaker. Those are not fun to deal with. That's one of the things I think Jeep did right on the JT, no zippers. Feels like going backwards to have to deal with those again.
  4. Mystery “unit” found..What is THIS?

    It was only a matter of time until the Big Brother conspiracy theories came out in this thread...
  5. Ford Maverick is Popular

    Looks to me like this is more based on the fact that only 1 plant produces them, and they have material shortages to manufacture them. Not that the price point isn't a huge selling point to it, but it's clear Ford didn't put in any infrastructure to produce these on a decent level and have to...
  6. Can TAZER JL Turn Assist act like Toyota’s Atrac system?

    Turn Assist and ATRAC aren't really close in operation, so no, it cannot act like ATRAC. Just because they both use ABS does not mean they operate in the same way. What function are you looking to gain exactly that your Jeep does not currently have?
  7. What should I tell the dealership to get second steering box TSB fix?

    I mean, this right here seems to lead you down the path we've all said: Your issues might not be with the steering box. But then you jump to this, and I'm lost again. What makes you think this? You've got evidence of something else going on, but seem to be ignoring it and going to a...
  8. Redline Tuning Hood Strut Kit QuickLIFT Gladiator 2020-2021

    Do they not have them? Their product description and photos say they do.
  9. Compressed Air Tank Mounted Underneath

    I didn't think of using that as a starting point. Great idea.
  10. New Soft Top that folds down into the bed.

    I understood you correctly. Still a mechanical issue. To work like a JL top, the Gladiator's top would fold back and rest somewhere in the middle of the bed. It's a function of the mechanical apparatus that supports the top that makes that necessary. That's a big reason why comparing the two...
  11. New Soft Top that folds down into the bed.

    I think that's your issue here. You really can't compare the two. By trying to reference the JL and saying it should easily translate to the JT is ignoring the extremely important physical differences between the two. The JL's top doesn't drop straight down to the back of the seats, it goes to...
  12. What should I tell the dealership to get second steering box TSB fix?

    It really sounds like something else is going on here. Some other part of the steering system might need adjustment or replacing if it's truly that bad. The steering box might be doing perfectly fine, and moving what it should, but if there's other play in the system then it's going to look and...
  13. New Soft Top that folds down into the bed. TLDR: Pretty damn expensive, doesn't look great when open and looks questionable closed. Material and longevity is a huge question mark, especially for something that costs that much. Cannot be installed yourself...
  14. LSPI / Engine Knock - how many are using ESS?

    ESS is not your culprit here. There are many many other variables between your Gladiator and your wife's Pacifica that could actually have a direct link with the pinging (think along the tuning/ECU mapping lines). Cylinder wash is going to be an issue if you have an injector issue, not because...
  15. Stinger High10 issue

    Have you reached out to Stinger? I'd start there.
  16. What's hanging on your rearview mirror.

    Unfortunately this is not how the real world works. Stops for things of this nature happen all the time. Even the case you cited for Florida shows that the officers believed in good faith that their stop was correct. It took escalation to an appellate court to sort it out. We're just saying not...
  17. What's hanging on your rearview mirror.

    He's not being paranoid. He's being realistic. Pretextual stops are a thing. Things like having a light out, hanging items from your rearview mirror, and other seeming meaningless things can be used for a pretextual stop. It's a good idea to avoid anything that can be used for a pretextual...
  18. Can you use a tailgate pad with a topper?

    Absolutely. One trick if you're having questions or issues with clearance when loading them is to put them in the bed with the tailgate down, then raise the tailgate underneath them. Much less lifting that way, and less clearance issues.
  19. Dealers please read

    I hear you, but I don't think you are giving the whole process and situation a fair shake either. Could the dealer be a bit more transparent and communicative? Sure. But you can say that about virtually everyone in the service industry. You'll never do enough for customers as a service provider...
  20. Dealers please read

    I mean, if they aren't at the shop, I wouldn't want them parking it on an incline testing the problem completely unattended. I want someone there in case something happens. If everyone's gone for the day I'd want the truck parked in a controlled area. Liability. Sounds like they're busy, just...