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  1. EVO 4.5" / 38" desert trail Gladiator build

    yo @Desert Outlaw I'm thinking of getting these same Patagonia 38s when I need new tires What are you doing for the spare?
  2. So we know 37" tires will fit in the stock location, now will Patagonia 38s fit?

    So we know 37" tires will fit in the stock location, now will Patagonia 38s fit? Has anyone done this? I'm ok with deflation
  3. Graphics and Trail Stripes

    I’m starting to consider the Honcho graphics but I’m afraid the desert flora would tear them up anyone have any experience also, what would be the cost to install? Graphics are way out of scope of what I can or want to do
  4. New emissions recall for 2020 Gladiator 3.6L. Any thoughts.

    Mine is a late 2020 build, July of 2020 in fact and I do not need the recall. Could be a very narrow group of Jeeps
  5. Request: 35s with a Lift?

    3.5/2.5 Rubicon Express lift 35" Toyo MTs Will be upgrading to 37s when I need tires
  6. The dreaded sunvisor

    Now i have to fix the passenger side visor mirror. I smacked the thing so hard when i was p;issed at it once that it popped out
  7. The dreaded sunvisor

    I was doing periodic maintenance with a rubber mallet. Then i found these
  8. Where y'all located...
  9. Dealership said NO to recalibrating to 37s? How is it typically done?

    I recommend finding a good 4WD shop instead of a dealer
  10. Which look better? Honest opinions

    I would like the KMCs better if it didn't have the red ring
  11. New Engine Needed at 42k miles!?!?!

    I had to get the Ecoboost 2.3 in my wife's old Explorer replaced at 11k miles for cylinder wall scoring. It happens. Could be manufacturing defects, whatever. It happens
  12. Nevada Trophy

    My son doesn't have baseball that weekend and I can get the time. Let me do a little planning
  13. Nevada Trophy

    Man I wish I knew about this earlier
  14. Heated Steering Wheel Heat Intensity

    My wheel gets too hot even with the top off in winter
  15. Holy hood scoops Batman

    We don't like hood scoops? I was thinking of putting this on my JT
  16. OVERLAND TOOL & TRAIL FIX (must haves)

    I keep the following in my recovery kit but I'll take more if I'm going out for longer, like some power tools and a full tool kit Tool Box set of box wrenches set of metric sockets and a 1/4 ratchet handle pliers cutters rubber mallet grease extra cotter pins and washers for my sway bar...
  17. Who’s buying these overpriced JT’s?

    Those people are dipshits That's 1970s thinking when car interest was like 15%. Your thinking is 100% spot on, when you can get a car under 3 or 4% APR and afford to put extra money down there's no reason not to
  18. Show me your furry Co-Pilots.

    I was eating leftover prime rib. :LOL:
  19. More AZ wheelin

    Nice man. I haven't been out since Xmas Day. I'm itching