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  1. Apple CarPlay issue fixed with most recent iOS 15.2.1?

    Glad I wasent the only one with this issue. I use an original Apple cable and always had issues with only the center console. Hope this helps
  2. ThinSkinz are put to the test !!! *Shovels involved*

    Hmmm, seems like something like an extension could fix this, maybe too flimsy, probably will purchase if a manual window version releases, even if the price is a little more, just can’t imagine having the handle completely off
  3. Snazzberry Gladiator JT club

    It’s the only way for sure.
  4. ThinSkinz are put to the test !!! *Shovels involved*

    The clearance would be too tight. OEM rubs the door panel normally, can’t even slip a piece of paper in between. Would have to cut a large hole to clear the entire base. Also, the shape of the doors for manual locks and windows are different then the powered. There’s a notch for the handle that...
  5. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    Is there a thread that shows these?
  6. ThinSkinz are put to the test !!! *Shovels involved*

    Andddddddd still can’t use them with manual windows😡
  7. Anyone running General Grabber ATX??

    So no experience with the JTs, but had them on my Rengade, put them on at 30k miles, traded the renegade in at 76k miles, tread wear was perfectly even with no cupping that even the factory highway tires started, also had over 6/32” of tread on all 4. Blown away, will definitely be getting them...
  8. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    No pics (sorry) but got a soft shackle for safe recovery, a canvas bag to better store some road tools, and some ratchet straps since I have a trucks again lol.
  9. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    Hmm. This would be great for the soft top “grab handle” ridge. Hate that it’s just hard cut metal
  10. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    Where’d you get the Gladiator grab handle?
  11. Real Fog lights ?

    Yeah I know... but something that I almost guarantee will be changed in the future its hard to imagine. Although they are half the price as the Headlight Revolutions.
  12. Anyone have dogs riding in the bed? Do you use dog ramp?

    You will do what you want, but highly reccomend against a dog in the bed. Wife is a vet tech and weekly sees dogs choked from short leashes "preventing them from jumping out" then dangling off the bed, road rash and broken bones from getting thrown from the truck, loads of heat exhaustion...
  13. Real Fog lights ?

    holy crap $120???
  14. How to get 36% more Jeep Waves in a JT

    Not as effective, only bout 35% more waves, but 100% more confused stares, take the top down lol
  15. Real Fog lights ?

    anyone have recommendations for just bulbs that aren’t gonna cause bulb out codes? I don’t need crazy good, just don’t really want yellow tint because technically that makes it dimmer but don’t want to change out the factory fog light assemblies on the stock bumper

    I see a lot of people just say use the key fob. Us Sport guys i know also are pained by having 0 ways to turn this on without going to the front door.
  17. Snazzberry Gladiator JT club

    I guess I can finally say I’m in the club lol
  18. Queen Mattress in bed

    Anyone have pictures of this?
  19. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    Those stabilizers feel so much better
  20. Threedom - New Releases - Fobs

    I’m waiting for this too on like a type m for my sport, kinda just waiting for it to come out at this point lol