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  1. Has anyone bought this steering wheel topo decal?

    Currently wrapped under the Christmas tree. However here is a pic of a different design my wife currently has - bought earlier this year from the same company. Back then they weren’t offering the personalization. Will switch out when she gets the new one.
  2. Has anyone bought this steering wheel topo decal?

    Not this one but I did personalize ones for both my Gladiator and my wife’s grand Cherokee using pics we took in Glacier and Yellowstone. They turned out awesome!
  3. 2022 Jeep Adventure Academy experiences. Registration opens next week

    I was planning on trying to get onto the Unwharrie schedule in North Carolina late April. The website said registration opens 12/15. I happened to check today for lunch and was able to go ahead and sign up. Already have my confirmation even though it wasn't supposed to go live until tomorrow...
  4. Thank You For Supporting TUWA Pro! GIVEAWAY ALERT - MOAB Bed Rack System

    Following and following. Taking the time to enjoy every back road in Virginia before we start our next journey by moving to Montana in 2022
  5. What did you do TO your Gladiator today? Have the same one. Love it. Teamed up with a Pro-clips cradle. Very sturdy. Easy to add multiple mounts for passenger phone, go pro, etc...
  6. The last Gladiator Tailgate Badge You Will Ever Need!

    Thank you! Would love to see how it goes on.
  7. The last Gladiator Tailgate Badge You Will Ever Need!

    I know the Hauk version came with a template to supposedly make things easier ... but also heard there were lots of complaints and issues with it. How difficult is the installation? The website didn’t give any details besides using tape for alignment. My OCD is making me ask...
  8. FINALLY Automatic UP/DOWN ALL windows!

    Got around to installing the passenger side proximity door locks tonight and was playing some more. If the Jeep is locked, and using the proximity system you unlock, lock, and unlock all from the handle it will roll down all the windows. Then hitting the lock button twice they all go up. So...
  9. Virginia Sold: KBvoodoo Hi Rise crossbars

    Selling my pair of Kbvoodoo crossbars (2 crossbars / 4 uprights). Went with the steel bars as they have higher static and dynamic load rating. Trail rail brackets. Comfort grips. Were on the truck for about 6 months. These work with the Mopar factory tonneau (which I am also selling). Going...
  10. Virginia Sold: Mopar Roll-up Soft Tonneau

    Came from factory on my July 2019 JT. Going with overland rack so no longer need. Overall in good shape with minimal wear. Will take $450 OBO. Pickup Roanoke VA. Willing to drive an hour to help with delivery. Sorry, no ship.
  11. FINALLY Automatic UP/DOWN ALL windows!

    If I was smart enough to upload a video I’d be able to show you. But if you hit the button two times back to back all your windows should go up.
  12. FINALLY Automatic UP/DOWN ALL windows!

    So I just installed the driver side passive entry. If I have all the windows down, exit the truck, and push the door handle button twice all of my windows do go up. I checked it several times and it always worked.
  13. JT 3Wliners window control module install.

    Here is a video that I found to be very helpful. Only two minutes long...plug shows up around 1:40. I ended up leaving the plug in place, drilled a small hole, fed the wire through and then sealed up with rtv silicone sealant.
  14. compliments

    I have placed three orders in the past week. Several emails back and forth with Benny. He’s always quick to respond and very helpful. I could have maybe saved a few bucks shopping around but it’s not just about money. Benny puts a lot of time to make sure that members on this forum are taken...
  15. Proximity door locks retrofit on Wrangler/Gladiator, someone figured it out (DIY writeup)

    On Friday afternoon (Jan 19) I placed my order for just the driver side parts. I got notification today that they’re already planning to be here this Friday (Jan 26). Quick turnaround. Just finished setting up my automatic windows and now I get to install the proximity system. Amazing what you...
  16. JT 3Wliners window control module install.

    So I got mine installed. It took a lot longer than I thought. Struggled getting the box in place. Then it was difficult splicing into the harness wires just because you didn’t have a whole lotta room to move. But I got everything buttoned up and it works...but I noticed something and wanted to...
  17. JT 3Wliners window control module install.

    Here’s a link that was shared with me when I asked a similar question. This will only hold true IF your jeep came from the factory with the aux switches.
  18. JT 3Wliners window control module install.

    Posi-taps. Awesome product.
  19. JT 3Wliners window control module install.

    Thanks to both of you for helping us out!!!
  20. FINALLY Automatic UP/DOWN ALL windows!

    AWESOME write up! I have watched that video probably a dozen times, but this really answered every question I have. Thanks to everyone for taking the time to help those of us that need it. Can’t wait to tackle this tomorrow.