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  1. Patagonia 40’s, door handles and ice

    I mean, its ICE!
  2. Magnuson Supercharger Install / Modification – Crib Notes

    I have no flesh in this, but mad kudos to you sir for putting this together for the group 🍻 🍻 🍻
  3. New emissions recall for 2020 Gladiator 3.6L. Any thoughts.

    I received mine yesterday. Although (knock on wood) I have not had any issues.
  4. Brakes seem soft on Mojave

    20 Rubicon and I thought the same since day 1. Now I have UD60's and I still feel they are soft, so it must be me. 🍻
  5. How long have you owned your Gladiator? Still Love it?

    19 months, just hit 16K miles on a it!
  6. Colorado or Front Range Gladiator owners

    Was able to save up some nickels and dimes in the dumpster fire that was 2020. Also means I have some Rubi axles if anybody has an interest. :beer:
  7. 4.88 or 5.13 Daily Driver Denver 37's

    I would vote for Edge myself, and 4.88's work fine for me and 37's 🍻
  8. 21 Jeep Gladiator Diesel - Ultimate Dana 60 Axle Swap and 42" Nitto Upgrade - First Timer

    This is all I have at the moment. Do you feel the greater surface area in the brakes makes a difference? The stock brakes seem to take a minute to slow the truck down to me.
  9. 21 Jeep Gladiator Diesel - Ultimate Dana 60 Axle Swap and 42" Nitto Upgrade - First Timer

    Thanks for posting this up with the deets. My UD60s are going in as we speak with lowly 37's :) Also went the Steer Smarts and Z auto path.
  10. Pearl Pass CO vehicle capability?

    Ran this a couple years ago, Gun-Aspen route in my JK on 37's. And another on 35's, no issues there :) Had a good friend in his taco on 33's and he made it fine. Its not overtly difficult, but the rock "garden" is a bit slow. After that I think its smooth sailing to the top and maybe one area on...
  11. Colorado Springs - Hopping Weekend for Gladiators!

    Love the topper (and the JT:) and I think I am very close to pulling the trigger. Does the top have rails built in?
  12. Installed ACE bed extender

    Does anybody have measurements of this area by chance when the tailgate is closed?
  13. AdvanTEC Axle

    I do believe that these are wider like the Rub's. I think I am going to just go with a 60 rear instead of building up the 44. I don't think the cost is that much more when you consider the RCV cost.
  14. AdvanTEC Axle

    The axle I'm looking at has CAD delete, so how is it the same one?
  15. AdvanTEC Axle

    Appreciate the input, but I'm jut not doing that.
  16. AdvanTEC Axle

    Was just wondering if anybody had installed one, thoughts or opinions. I am going to 37's at some point and I have no need for a front 60. This looks like a nice "go between" option. Thanks!
  17. Show me your axles!

    Thoughts on the Fusion components? Compatibility with JT parts? Brackets? Thank you!