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  1. Why do people put square lights on JTs (or any wrangler minus the YJ)?

    I put square lights on the cowling and along the side of the windshield. They look better than a round light would mounted there. I plan to put round lights on the front bumper, maybe on a light bar on the roof line.
  2. New Engine Needed at 42k miles!?!?!

    Wouldn't this type of repair show up on CarFax?
  3. Huge MPG change?

    How about 70 mph on flat terrain? Even on hilly terrain I found CC was worse than my foot. This was on a trip from the Seattle area down to Arizona, then to Moab, and home. Was averaging 14 mpg on CC, could average 16 mpg with my foot.
  4. Huge MPG change?

    I actually found that cruise control gave crappy MPG vs. using my own foot. About a 2 MPG difference.
  5. 2022 Jeep Adventure Academy experiences. Registration opens next week

    Thanks. Sent the info to my daughter - hinting for a Christmas present for Rubicon Trail. :)
  6. Step options?

    I have Rock Slide Engineering power steps. They are great - open door, down the go, close door and up they go and hide. They survived 3 trails in Moab and a trip to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon and some trails around there. I have a 2" lift and so far they have been perfect for my...
  7. If you had $1500 to spend on your Jeep today....

    Since the electrical system I want to add will be more than $1500, the next thing on my list in that price range would be 35" KO2 ATs.
  8. The GoPro mounted on your hood thread

    If you want to show they roughness, you can turn off the hypersmooth. I put my GoPro 9 insisde the windshield so you could actually see the hood bouncing around. Only way to give an idea of how rough it was. Since you can run the GoPro while it is hooked up to a usb cable (that is how I ran...
  9. Start stop not ready.

    The service department told me that the aux battery was sitting in a pool of water and that drained/shorted it out - in other words ruined the battery. How deep the water was I have no idea, could have been deep enough to reach the terminals. Either way the battery would no longer take a...
  10. Start stop not ready.

    Earlier this year my aux battery died completely and the JT would not jump start at all because the aux battery was totally dead. Granted it had been sitting for a month because I could not drive due to surgery. But it should have charged up with a charger or at least be jumped. I had to have...
  11. Brake vacuum loss after a day or two of sitting - normal?

    Yep, and it is not just from sitting overnight or a long period of time. It can be just a couple hours and I have a stiff brake pedal. Just takes a bit more uumph to push.
  12. Just ordered 2022 Sport base w/ Auto in Washington State.

    Larson was the worst of them. But Tacoma Dodge and Bud Clary, though nicer about it, did not budge much. Bummer Tread Lightly does not apply any longer. Hope you enjoy it when it arrives. I have enjoyed mine. Took it to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon for a camping/overlanding event and...
  13. Just ordered 2022 Sport base w/ Auto in Washington State.

    Did not know you had talked to him. I went to several dealers in the south end, he saved me a couple thousand over what the local dealers were asking - and a couple even laughed when I presented what Kent offered and declined to counter offer - might have stayed local if they came within $500...
  14. Just ordered 2022 Sport base w/ Auto in Washington State.

    Kent Shurtleff at Peterson's in Nampa could have saved you a couple thousand - and it's only about $100 to fly out there to pick it up and maybe $60-100 in gas to drive back. And no BS going from dealer to dealer.
  15. 13.1mpg best I can get with 35’s. Questions inside…..

    Don't have a RTT but do have a rack (fairly even with the roof) with a tonneu cover. Got a 2" lift, still on 33's. Around town mixed - usually 14.5-15 MPG. Here's what sucks - the cruise control. Did a long road trip from the Seattle area down to North Rim of the Grand Canyon, then to Moab...
  16. Washington Rubicon OEM Front Bumper for sale

    Front is still for sale, but not shipping to France.
  17. Washington Rubicon OEM Front Bumper for sale

    Yes, which was a surprise because the Wrangler Rubicon had a plastic skid plate in the same place. And since the new bumper had a skid plate there, I actually have a sway bar skid plate kit from Quadratec for sale.
  18. Washington Rubicon Rear Bumper and back quarter rock sliders for sale

    Bumper and such have been spoken for.
  19. Washington Rubicon Rear Bumper and back quarter rock sliders for sale

    Nothing yet. I asked Rugged Ridge what they recommend as compatible - no response yet. Just asked them on Saturday.