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  1. Gladiator vs New Land Rover Defender vs Classic Defender vs 4Runner

    I haven’t watched the video, but I had the opportunity to drive a new Defender from Raleigh to W NC and back, which is 5 hrs each way and through the W NC mtns. I’m so smitten with the Defender. It’s amazingly refined and drives and handles so well. I really want one. I hope their resale value...
  2. What the heck is this mystery device?

    Ok then. Double down and dispute the facts I told you. It’s 100% miscommunication and human error. I’m not going to waste the time explaining dealership PDI processes and the fact that every car is treated the same, unless there is a breakdown in communication between sales and service, which...
  3. What the heck is this mystery device?

    Don’t be so paranoid. Dealerships here don’t allow customers to go with customers on test drives due to COVID protocols. The two matters are unrelated. They probably have that system for inventory tracking and they are supposed to remove them upon delivery but someone forgot. Jesus. Everyone...
  4. Bestop Wind Noise

    It doesn't look like there is any vertical adjustment on that light bar mount, is there? A slight movement up or down can sometimes make a world of difference.
  5. Loud Hard Top

    In my case, it sounds like a window is cracked or a door isn't fully latched and you can hear air escaping into the cabin. I still haven't had a chance to fold down my windshield and see if the windshield seals are properly installed. That would make a lot of sense if they are not since I...
  6. Jalopnik: New Ford Bronco Crew-Cab Pickup Being Fast-Tracked To Take On The Jeep Gladiator: Report

    Wow. You really have a lot of hatred for Nissan... The Frontier is just ridiculously dated, it was a great truck when it first came out back in 2005 and its hardly been touched since. I think they are finally getting a new one for 2021, unless COVID pushed that back. I had an '09 Frontier...
  7. Rubicon suspension question

    They always have. It pre-dates the Gladiator/JL by a long time. Longer than I've ever followed Jeeps and this is my 4th.
  8. Rubicon suspension question

    How much lift you get out of the front Rubicon springs will also depend on how the Rubicon was equipped. For instance, my take off Rubicon suspension came from a LE so it had an automatic, hard top and steel bumper. That's a heavier spring rate than a soft top, plastic bumper, manual would...
  9. Rubicon Steering Stabilizer

    I installed mine on when mine was stock. I enjoy better steering feel and it did help with the hwy wandering some.
  10. Rubicon Steering Stabilizer

    I haven’t yet. I probably will add all four at some point. I have the stock Overland suspension with Rubicon shocks and the Fox steering stabilizer. I was going to just do the front to level it out some, but the overland springs are soft and it squats more than I think it should when I have...
  11. My Gladiator is the most polarizing vehicle I’ve ever owned.

    Now that it’s summer, I’ve noticed that mine gets even much more attention with the top off. The cool thing is I get a lot more Jeep waves and a lot more compliments too.
  12. Steering issues

    I get what you are saying, but his description of highway driving is exactly how mine was and the replacement steering box was a night and day difference. Mine was fine around town, super sketch on the hwy. I couldn't keep it in my lane.
  13. My Mopar Gladiator vehicle cab cover came in today!

    I ordered one today. They're back ordered everywhere so we'll see when I actually get it...
  14. Rubicon Steering Stabilizer

    I've heard mixed results on the TS 2.0 on stock Gladiators. I haven't heard anything but positive feedback, myself included, with the IFP model.
  15. Rubicon Steering Stabilizer

    I intentionally waited to do my tires and rubicon suspension parts until after it was fixed so they couldn't blame it on anything other than the clearly loose steering gear box.
  16. Steering issues

    Or you could not spend your time, energy, and money on an aftermarket part that won't fully address the issue and have the steering box replaced under warranty like myself and many others have done. its a night and day difference. Mine was super sketch on the hwy. Took it to the dealership...
  17. Rubicon Steering Stabilizer

    That's the one I have. It works well and does improve steering feel and doesn't cause pulling or anything. That stabilizer, Rubicon Shocks, and better, bigger tires have transformed my Overland. It drives way better now. New steering box too, but that was a separate issue...
  18. Wind noise, leak, need a part number

    Which is exactly the response I got at the dealership... Its a Jeep thing, they're all like that. No they aren't! My JKU was a lot quieter and it was a 2008!
  19. Why did we wait? Best Mod to date..

    On my basically stock overland, my favorite mods are my tires and rubicon take off shocks. They make the drive so much better with the soft overland springs. It’s a way more controlled, stable drive but it still rides great. The tires make it look way more like a Jeep should, but they also...