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  1. Hit and run

    I actually just did it now getting home from work. I decided to just give it a little more force and it gave way without doing any more damage but sounded like a gun shot going off at midnight. Idk how it diddnt wake the kids lol. So I have the magnum raptor bumper ordered and I really wanna get...
  2. How to spot a Mall Crawler

    Yeah.. paved roads with with 8" deep pot holes bigger around than a pizza pan. That's not to mention the uneven 2" raised endings at crappy road work that will send both wheels in the the air.
  3. How to spot a Mall Crawler

    New Yorkers should be exempt from being called "mall crawlers" when the roads are as treacherous as some trails. :CWL:
  4. We need to talk about the “Jeep Wave”

    I drive a transit bus all day so sometimes I'll see a jeep and get ready to wave and realize I'm in an eldorado national.:facepalm:
  5. Pulling to right after Fox steering stabilizer install

    I have the garbage RC dual stabilizer. One of the best things about it is less vibration from pedal and less bump steer. I had it on my JL for over a year and kept it for the JT. I gotta buy some new nuts for the little U clamps though because they rusted pretty bad but overall it's a solid...
  6. Bodyguard rear bumper

    I know what your saying but for the price and me needing a new bumper asap it's gonna do for me now. I got rear ended few days ago
  7. Bodyguard rear bumper

    I know! I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the sale price. This bumper was actually my 2nd choice but I couldn't find any real gladiator pictures on it besides the cover picture. Thank you for sharing.
  8. Bodyguard rear bumper

    I just ordered the magnum bumper !
  9. Hit and run

    Can anyone give me the best advice on getting the tailgate off? It slightly overlaps from the impact. I could try to really force it down but then Id probably mess up the paint on the bed panel even more. Sounds like I might have to go underneath the bed and try to use a pry bar to bend back...
  10. 4WheelParts Store

    I got my RC lift, smittybuilt hinge steps and weathertechs from them. One thing I like about them is they eccept synchrony banks car care credit card so you can get the 6 months no interest promos.
  11. Hit and run

    Sorry to hear about the damages man. I hope you get it all straighten out soon. Yeah I think I'm gonna go that route and do the rear bumper and wilco tailgate myself and get the bed fixed later. My only concern now is getting the tailgate down because it's slightly wedged in and won't drop more...
  12. Bodyguard rear bumper

    I think it looks gaudy too with all the colors and lights that's why I was wondering what it looks like just all black powder coat with nothing else.
  13. Bodyguard rear bumper

    Does anyone know how these things looks stock without any extra lights or color inserts? I want an all black look with silver shackles.
  14. Hit and run

    Yup. NY only has uninsured motorist bodily injury not collision. The guy from geico explained everything to me. Great state of NY.
  15. Hit and run

    I'm honestly thinking about just dropping my claim and going with an after market steel bumper and wilco tailgate I've had my eye on since ive got the gladiator. The deductible i would of had to pay can fix the side bed panel when the time comes I guess.
  16. Hit and run

    I don't think I can because I'm going through my own insurance. They never caught the guy so it all falls on me.
  17. Hit and run

    If that estimate is valid I'll only get a check for $1,213 since my deductible is $1,000. I wonder if I'd be able to purchase my own steel bumper and the wilco spare tire tailgate and leave the remainding money for shop to fix the side passenger panel ripple because the parts for tailgate and...
  18. Hit and run

    Sorry bro.. it's painful right ?
  19. Hit and run gotta be kidding me
  20. Hit and run

    That's funny because I just came from a 39 month lease on my JL . I ended it early because I really hated everything about it. I'm glad it works for you though.:like: