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  1. Max Tow vs Rubicon for Towing

    It's easy: buy it for her.:) That's what I'll do on my side: I'll keep my 2016 JKUR Hard Rock (made on order) and I will order a JT Rubicon for her, so she can replace her own Jeep (WK). She will only pick the color. That will be in a couple months, once I'm back from deployement. No point for...
  2. Max Tow vs Rubicon for Towing

    Towing capacity for all MT except Rubicon/Mojave : 4000lbs Towing capacity for Rubicon w/MT: 4500lbs For Mojave, I know it's advertised has 4500lbs, but with the softer suspension I personnaly would be more conservative... Do not expect figures any higher than that. 4500lbs is high enough.
  3. Slide-in camper options?

    toute custom ou bien vous allez en fabriquer ? je viens de Québec. Faudrait ben j'passe voir ça !
  4. Production V8 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 392 Hemi Spied!

    Gave only a 1-star rating at the crash test ? :-D
  5. When are E-lockers coming to market? >:(

    I don't want to blow your bubble, but any e-locker will be as expensive as an ARB. Eaton used to offer the e-locker as part of their line, they were not cheap. OX locker were really good too, cable-actuated. I don't know if they still around. Another advantage of the ARB is bringing an OBA...
  6. When are E-lockers coming to market? >:(

    Not necessarily true. Rubicon 2003-2006 had OEM, low-pressure airlocker up front, and low-pressure airlocker doubled w/ a limited slip in the back. Was made by GKN driveline if I remember right. I think manufacturers just want to keep things simple, and costs down...
  7. Gobi gone too?

    You're right, this was well known in advance. Both 2- & 4-doors Bronco have Soft Top / Modular Hard Top and removable doors. And it seems that OEM half-doors will be available... Jeep ceased offering the OEM half-doors as an option +10 years ago. Just "teasing" us once a year w/some fancy...
  8. Why did everyone decide their trim level (sport vs rubicon etc)?

    Oh, I forgot to mention I'm rowing. I've got the 6-speed manual. And manual will be when I'll get a Gladiator.
  9. Why did everyone decide their trim level (sport vs rubicon etc)?

    Got it. My recipe for 37" is to keep the 4.10 gears, but make a good use of the Rubicon T-case. Was the perfect combo for my own use. To each his own I guess. It will be a whole new debate once an electric engine will be out ! :)
  10. Gobi gone too?

    Agreed, but can't compare the Glad against the Bronco - fit more against the Ranger... and the Bronco against the Wrangler. Pretty sure the Bronco will be able to tow more than 3500lbs like the JL.
  11. Why did everyone decide their trim level (sport vs rubicon etc)?

    You are stating that you'll go w/ 4.88's, so gearing IS relevant :) You also said "option that you missed". I was just pointing out there is much more thant just the lockers and fenders! On my side, I would like the Mojave frame, the Rubicon t-case and fenders, an Hamburger Supercharger, and a...
  12. Gobi gone too?

    Towing capacity won't increase with the venue of the diesel in the JT. To the contrary. It was clearly stated a while back in the announcement FCA made. This is due to heat generated by the powertain and airflow issues. Towing capacity will be limited at 6000lbs or even below. If you want to...
  13. Why did everyone decide their trim level (sport vs rubicon etc)?

    I disagree with your calculation To turn your Sport S into a Rubicon, you need lockers x2, a new set of 4.10x2 because the ones you got won't fit, a new transfer case NVG241OR w/ 4.1:1 ratio, flash the computer, new/higher suspension, and then the fenders. Just with the lockers/gear and...
  14. Aux Switches - Can A Dealer Install?

    It's more than simply "adding the switches". That comes with a complette separate harness, need to be plugged to the CANBUS, and the computer need to be flashed / reprogrammed... in short, not a simple issue/install, and not all the dealers are comfortable playing with the computer. Maybe down...
  15. Anyone know why Punkin was discontinued?

    And problably you drive 1 out of 3 Gladiator on the road on Guam ! :)
  16. What plug would plug in to this?

    Guys, just sharing my thoughts... I've tried to do a quick search - for no avail so far. But I'm pretty darn sure MOPAR/FCA got an OEM wiring harness available out there for that - just hidden in a part diagram and named only by part number. Guys from Europe might be able to find it for us. If...
  17. New member here !

    Hi Chris ! I will definitively send you a PM or an e-mail ! Last Jeep I've bought was in Quebec City (5 1/2 hours drive), and "imported" it to Ontario - what a painful process. Downsview is much closer to Kingston :-) I hate driving into the GTA (the 400-series sucks!), but we never knows...
  18. New member here !

    I'll see you somewhere along the Trans-Canadian Hwy. Plan is to pin my pop-up trailer behind the Jeep, get the kids strapped in, and drive all the way to my sister's place in Victoria, then all the way back 10 days after. If you liked Kingston for his cool buildings and shops/restaurants...
  19. Mopar Equipped Gladiator Review [Carwow]

    Had to say Jeep/Mopar released these mirrors in 2003 - yes 2003. According to the picture/video above, those are Jeep TJ mirrors allright. Easyly available out there from Mopar, Crown Automotive, Omix-Ada, Quadratec, and others who copied the model. Starting at $70 for a pair. Thing is, you'll...