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  1. Anyone have intel. on these RR rain deflectors?

    My experience with this type of device is that they create a turbulent airflow condition that actually directs bad outside things to the interior, especially in the rear half region. I have yet to find any thing that meets the excellent design and function of a proper vent window like my YJ had...
  2. Jeep Gladiators Burn to Death During Battery Jump

    Lead-Acid batteries only outgas when the charge level reaches 80%. During the discharge cycle, the spongy lead absorbs the acid. When the charge cycle is activated, the voltage rises as the acid is remixed with the water. This why it in not advised to add water to any cell until charged to 80%...
  3. Test Drove Gobi Mojave

    Are the max load and towing certs affected by the C load range vs. E? Inquiring lawyers want to know.
  4. Jeep Gladiators Burn to Death During Battery Jump

    Perhaps they use the youtube electrical troubleshooting guide.
  5. Jeep Gladiators Burn to Death During Battery Jump

    I worked a long time ago as a battery charger service tech for the material handling equipment industry. We also replaced individual battery cells using MAP gas/oxygen torch to aerate the cell with oxygen before passing the lit thing across the open cell(s). Pop goes the excess hydrogen and the...
  6. Damn...Cited for no doors and wide tires.

    Be a jerk at the traffic stop and suddenly all of those "insignificant issues" will pile on for a very significant driver record. It is the way of the world.(Wishbone Ash fan)
  7. Damn...Cited for no doors and wide tires.

    My vehicles owned list does not support prius habits. So yes, I have owned, modified and operated on public roads vehicles that were obnoxious or at least mildly distasteful. My first run in? Removed the baffles from my two stroke triple ported polished and milled expansion chambered Kawasaki in...
  8. Damn...Cited for no doors and wide tires.

    A lot of vehicles here violate the tire rules. The rules are in place for safety reasons. Ever try to see around that wide tire Jeep on the highway in a rain storm? You rolled the dice and lost. Suck it up and fix it.
  9. DuckingJeeps

    Are you ducking your duties?
  10. DuckingJeeps

    Born in 57. Pound as in weight when Mom taught me how to read before kindergarten. Any thing else can # sand.
  11. Where do you guys keep parts?

    All of you space challenged folk can send it to me. Eventually I could build one!
  12. Anyone have pics of your gladiator where the back is higher than the front?

    And yet, there are those who will. I would prefer self limit of 7K with max tow Sport S. Safety margin and all.
  13. Anyone have pics of your gladiator where the back is higher than the front?

    Another reason for a load distribution hitch with proper set up. Imagine the sag and loss of steering control with 800 pounds of tongue weight.
  14. Tpms light on and pressure is good?

    Check the calibration procedure in the OM. I had a new employer supplied service truck delivered from the factory, through State motor pool and USC motor pool with constant pressure alarms. Verified correct pressure all around. Still alarming. Recalibrated the system per owner's manual. No more...
  15. Amount of Squat with weight distributing hitch

    Buy an Equalizer brand and read the instructions.
  16. Can you add OEM AUX switches?

    It has been my experience that charges for re-programming are mostly horse hockey. I started out in 1976 as an electronics tech for the USAF. Vacuum tube days. From there to Honeywell Delta 1000 and later, Apple computers in 1983. I have routinely reprogrammed my motorcycles' ecu with a lap top...
  17. Can this stock piece between the fender and bumper be removed?

    In place, aerodynamics improve. Good for an extra 50mpg.
  18. Wheels?! Wheels?! Wheels?!

    Some fine looking machinery all 'round.