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  1. 4WheelParts Store

    Never had a good experience with them. Started using RimzOne in my area (NC). They are great to work with and ship all over the world. They do most of their business in Rims and tires, but they also do all accessories for Jeeps, trucks, etc. If you use them, ask for Kyle. Great guy, super...
  2. Just Ordered? Check in HERE!

    $1,000 non refundable deposit.
  3. Just Ordered? Check in HERE!

    I got 7% below invoice on my 2021 JTR diesel order, plus my trade (2011 BMW X5d). Worked with Travis at Tri City in Eden, NC. Easy to work with and no hassles. Ordered on 7/11.
  4. Official Gladiator Measurements Thread

    I am trying to get measurements for a JT with a 2.5" lift on 35's. Looking for the total height. I have a 2021 ordered and trying to figure out if I do a 2.5" lift and 35's, if I can still get it in my standard size garage. lol First world problem, I know. Any help would be appreciated.
  5. Progress of building and delivering the Eco-Diesel

    Ordered my diesel JT on 7/11. Dealer told me 2021 JL production starts August and 2021 JT production starts in September.
  6. Guide: Gladiator Order, Build, Tracking and Delivery Process

    Great thread Jay! Thanks for all the detailed information. As someone in the midst of the ordering process, this is timely and immensely helpful.