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  1. Sport or Sport S

  2. Sport or Sport S

    On my sport, It blows my mind every time I put a key in the door and then have to put the key away and push a start button. Also I want to punch the guy that ran wires to the doors that don't have power locks or windows. Some day I will meet him.... some day. Thank god for the lighted cup...
  3. Update: Jeep Reveals V8 Wrangler Rubicon 392 Concept With Hemi

    As much as I would like a 392 JT... It pales to how excited I would be with a $20k JT.
  4. Hooke Road ?

    Did you order these? Took 3 months to get mine. Sorry I dont have any contact info.
  5. I raced a Taco this morning

    LOL, I think they based that commercial off of me (When I had my Challenger).
  6. I raced a Taco this morning

    Every Taco I have ever lined up next to has tried to race me. Or maybe they are just embarrassed to be seen in them and just want to run and hide. Either way I assumed they were faster and never tried to race them back.
  7. Gladiator Review by TFL: Great and Awful Things We Learned After 6 Months

    Ok, im 6'1" i ride with the seat fully back, reclined into a gangsta lean to miss the overhead bar and canted into the middle and the rearview mirror takes up 60% of the windshields view. Oh and the rollup windows constantly give my patella a noogie.
  8. How hard is it offroading in a manual transmission?

    Almost did some offroading leaving the carwash today in my m6 lt1. Goood times!!
  9. Gladiator Review by TFL: Great and Awful Things We Learned After 6 Months

    These guys are the absolute biggest jeep fans in the car review business. But yeah, I cant stand their reviews either.
  10. Base -Sport- manual Gladiator?

    I dont mind the manual windows but my wife beats me every time she has to unlock the doors or tailgate. :punch:
  11. Amp stopped working?

    I have an old alpine mrp m500 that I have used in 3 or 4 different cars with the same subwoofer. I had it hooked up today and it stopped working. the power indicator is still blue but no sound! I pulled both 30 amp fuses and it stayed lit blue! I took the + and - from the output and touched...
  12. Drove a Wrangler today... My Gladiator definitely has much looser steering.

    Mine steers like its using lasers to guide it. The problem is that there is 0% feel or "weight" one inch from dead center on the steering wheel. My wife drives it exactly like spazzy's gif. Is this something they can fix. If these are drive by wire, shouldn't a software update add some...
  13. Overall who's pretty pleased with the power output of their Gladiator

    Love how it drives but it would be perfect with 400+ hp.
  14. Spare tire holder problem.

    You are right, Its my fault the bore sizes on wrangler rims vary.
  15. Spare tire holder problem.

    Purchased a set of JK rims and new tires but the tire holder at the end of the cable will not fit thru the center hole of the rim... Cant return a new mounted tire, cant use the fifth rim, cant get back mounting, balancing and tpms install fees. Jeep FMITA, Thanks Guys!!
  16. Rear Seats Removal

    Mayabe OP can take a peek for us if he has his old seats collecting dust somewhere.
  17. Rear Seats Removal

    Yeah there's a lock next to the release strap. keeps the seats from folding forward.
  18. Rear Seats Removal

    Can the seat bottom be removed from the seat mounting brackets. So the seat back can stay in and continue to provide the lockable storage?