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  1. Tops! Canopy / covers / toppers / racks possibilities for Gladiator - Show me!

    Just getting started with Camping setup. Voodoo Crossbars and Mopar Soft Trifold (came with the truck) cover. Will soon be swapping to factory rollup or Rugged Ridge Soft Rollup, but this works to start. Rack left some gaps in the tonneau seal so used weather seal strips to close up the open...
  2. Used Rubicon Fair Price

    Lol yeah it was on hold for purchase real quick. It fell though and he jumped on it and made it happen. I was in same boat for a Max Tow build. Best we could find was a nicely built one at about 46k. Then this Rubi showed up and after running a few numbers on mods to the Sport S the Rubi just...
  3. Used Rubicon Fair Price

    Dropping info for reference. A buddy just got a 8k mile (or so) Launch Edition for 49k (sticker) on Carvana. Last month I got a loaded Rubi (Original 59k sticker, really only missing camera and color match fenders) with 2500 miles for 48k. I'm not a dealer defender, I think the value at that...
  4. South Florida Gladiator Club

    Popped cherry at Lazy Springs today!
  5. Gladiator Review by TFL: Great and Awful Things We Learned After 6 Months

    Cliff Notes. Typocal TFL Apples to Watermelons review. I'm not a Jeep fanboy going to defend everything negative, but these guys constantly put half ass reviews. Towing at the absolute limit and complaining about mileage. Most other reviews they stay off the tow limit. Complaining about nowhere...
  6. Gun holster options?

    JCR Banana Holster should work
  7. Power Outlet Newbie Question

    Yeah with Boulder 50 you'll be set. Good luck!
  8. Portable Cooking

    Unless you're doing a drawer system or something bigger, I'll add another vote for two burner stove. Basically all my cooking gear goes in a large Plano trunk (Moved to the 108L size since this pic) and goes along with a camp kitchen table and I'm set. If you want griddle they have griddle tops...
  9. Power Outlet Newbie Question

    Couple of things as I think I've been down a similar path. Sorry if I'm stating something you already know. If your battery is just shot, You should be able to replace the battery pretty easily with generic brand with matching capacity.. Also you can daisy chain a 2nd battery using the Anderson...
  10. A Used-New Gladiator

    Just contributing for the research. Lucked into a 59k Rubi for 48k w/2500 miles. Was owned for about 6 months then sat around the dealer for another 6. Even if they did play around with it for some mileage, damn thing looked brand new. Couldn't find anything to be concerned about anywhere. Even...
  11. Florida Roll Call!

    I'm sure there's plenty of suckers out there, but I have to believe that more people are wising up to the old school dealer tactics. It takes effort to find what you want, but with so much information available online, the customer doesn't need to believe a word the dealer says. Ultimately, the...
  12. Reputable Dealership in South Florida?

    I'm good. Got ours in Vero Beach last week. :like:
  13. Reputable Dealership in South Florida?

    I like that we're on the same campaign lol. Screw these SFL dealers!
  14. Florida Roll Call!

    I don't mean to lol, but yeah, Dadeland was one of the worst. Miami Lakes Automall was just as bad with a sad attempt at like 2-3k in "extras". I could only laugh, but seems there's 1300ish in dealer add ons going around. Some GPS bs, "Vin etching" and some other sleezy add on. I found it on...
  15. Florida Roll Call!

    Agree with this guy. I just commented on your other post. SFL, Miami especially, is pathetic. Go North. We ended up in Vero Beach with a great deal. New Smyrna was competitive too. Had Sebring and Tampa lined up as well. Nothing in SFL came close. Such a joke with fees and absurd add ons.
  16. Reputable Dealership in South Florida?

    Don't bother. Hunted for weeks down here. Nothing but high stickers, high dealer fees, add ons and bait and switch listings. Dadeland Jeep and Miami Lakes Auto Mall were particularly laughable so avoid those at all costs. Expand your search as far north of Broward as you can make it. PM me if...
  17. Fridge in bed on slide

    Alpicool cf45 from Amazon fits under Mopar soft trifold. The lid is actually at a slight angle, so the rear clears the tonneau crossbar and the high front end fits under the soft cover. I mocked up my slide and it clears. Do need to unlatch the tonneau to lift just a bit to clear it before...
  18. Remote Ordering

    Yeah if they're not sketchy and you get a good salesperson you can get it done via email and phone. Even going to Carmax to get an offer gives you a good leg to stand on with your trade. Get your financing options lined up first too. If the dealer can beat them then better for you.
  19. Question for Dometic owners

    Chiming in regarding mount solution. I'm in the same boat looking on how to mount it. Seems like this is the perfect solution
  20. Good deal on used Rubicon?

    Just leaving details for reference.. I'm in Florida too and seen a handful of reasonably priced Rubicons In the 48-50 range with tons of variations. You might not find them substantially cheaper, but what you'll likely find is with more options. I wound up with one with only 2400 miles and...