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  1. 21K miles and accomplished a lot!

    How many times did you use a winch?
  2. First replacement part @ 2600 miles

    Someone took it.
  3. 21K miles and accomplished a lot!

    Congratulations! Nice to see a JT accomplish so many trails. Thanks for the motivation!
  4. 2020 Jeep Gladiator Hotwheels Released

    Probably not a collector's item, but Jada Toys released a 1:32 scale metal model of the Fast & Furious Gladiator...
  5. Hanging Gladiator roof from garage ceiling joists?

    Got my Racor lift installed yesterday. Works very well. Followed @GrubbyBaja suggestion using wood dowels and paracord. Really like being able to store the freedom panels above the hardtop.
  6. First problem - Oil leak

    Thanks for the update. Hope she's back on the road soon.
  7. Check engine light

    Big thread on that here. Worth reading...
  8. Line-x bed liner suggestions

    I have the premium. Had the standard on my previous truck. The standard faded and stained. The premium is not suppose to. I gave it a try. Looks great. Guaranteed to stay that way. Others have said if you use protectant on the standard, it will look good as new. Don't know. Figured my new JT was...
  9. Shifting into 4H

    Others have reported the same. Will get easier.
  10. Ham radio install

    I installed a 5100A in my JT. I recommend using Icom's own power cable, either the OPC-347 or OPC-1132 or similar and run it through the firewall to the battery. Connect positive to battery, negative to one of the grounding posts in the egine compartment next to battery or close to radio. Ran my...
  11. Finally Got JT

    Congrats! The fun is just beginning!
  12. Ordering my EcoDiesel Finally, need help with best dealer in SoCal, AZ, or NV?

    Contact Rob at 954-864-5162 or email [email protected] 5% below invoice, no BS upgrades, hidden costs. Many members on this forum have gone through him. Only SoCal dealer I know of that will deal and is honest. Rob Trachtman Fleet Director Coastline CDJR 32881 Camino Capistrano...
  13. Guide: Gladiator Order, Build, Tracking and Delivery Process

    Wow! Very detailed! Having been through the order process, I can say your guide is very accurate and extremely helpful to a potential buyer. Nice work!
  14. GMRS Use (Rules, Courtesy, Call Sign/Channel Display, Jeep Unique)

    Since you specified maximum range for emergency use the answer is no for ham and yes for MURS. Generally, MURS is for short distance communication using handhelds. The power output and range is limited and there are no repeaters. Trying to contact someone in an emergency would be challenging to...
  15. GMRS handheld or permanent

    Exactly. Forget the handheld in the vehicle. I use the Midland MXT-275 with a Midland MXTA26 antenna. Good range, clear transmissions. You could even use the magnet antenna that comes with the radio and be better off than a handheld. If you go with the stock antenna, the radio is completely...
  16. 2021 Gladiator Order Banks Open (Diesel Now Available)!

    Yeah, price. Exact build from 2020 is about $1k more. Also, you pay for any color other than white right now.
  17. Rear Seats Removal

    Mine were in tight. Had loctite on them. Prob just need some elbow grease!