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  1. Pennsylvania For sale: 8.4 inch Uconnect with Bezel and code

    FYI JL radios seem to have a problem with the backup camera when used in JT's.
  2. DV8 Customer Service: refuses to help

    His lack of addressing this probably answers the question.
  3. Rust

    You are in Southern California. You will be giving that Gladiator to your Grand Kids before any rust becomes an issue.
  4. Gladiator package?

    Ripoff anyway you look at it. No below invoice pricing and coupled with way overpriced dealer add on's that add very little value, only a fool would buy into this.
  5. Delaware FUMOTO F106N Quick Drain Valve

    Have for sale a new FUMOTO F016N quick oil drain valve. Originally bought for my RAM that I sold off, but it will fit Gladiator Pentastar 3.6L engine vehicles and most current model FCA vehicles. Selling for $20 shipped. Looking for Paypal "Friend and Family" payment to avoid fees. Can provide...
  6. Hitch is bent and rusted on new Gladiator Sport S Max Tow

    No disrespect intended, but you are stuck in a loop. I have said all I can on this.
  7. Hitch is bent and rusted on new Gladiator Sport S Max Tow

    The only thing the dealer is responsible for is to make the vehicle whole and "as built" as it left the factory. That means them billing FCA for parts replacement and labor. I am assuming this happened before the dealership took possession but that is not exactly clear from the OP's post. Since...
  8. Hitch is bent and rusted on new Gladiator Sport S Max Tow

    Dealership would be eating that cost. Currently, they can bill FCA for both the part and labor due to transport damage.
  9. Jeep Gladiators Burn to Death During Battery Jump

    I thought the OEM main battery was a AGM and therefore Hydrogen gas external venting is not really a big problem as the design has the Hydrogen being absorbed back into the glass mat material of the battery?
  10. Engine Break In Procedure?

    Could also be theft prevention as a side benefit. I know my JL ran fine off the lot until I got above 45 MPH and it seriously detuned the engine and I was lucky to get about 30 MPH limping back to the dealer.
  11. Test Drove Gobi Mojave

    They ship the JT with 45 PSI in the tires for transport and lot storage. I bet they had not deflated down to 37 PSI per spec and that exacerbated the steering issue even more.
  12. Engine Break In Procedure?

    I think there is a quicker and easier was of getting it out of ship mode that only takes a couple of minutes with a few sequence button pushes inside the vehicle and/or removal or switching of a fuse in the fuse block. In my JL example the way the dealer tech explained it to me, is that if you...
  13. Engine Break In Procedure?

    The PDI is a little more than just removing plastic protective covers and giving it a wash. The vehicles are transported from the factory in a "ship mode" electronically. Certain computer modules are put in either a limited function or sleep mode to keep the transportation porters from hot...
  14. 392 wrangler

    I am with you, it makes sense from a technical perspective to put in the Gladiator first. The problem is a numbers game and depending on how you want to calculate sales numbers with the Gladiator launching in a partial model year 2019 and with COVID impacting 2020 YTD sales, the JL sells 3 to...
  15. Ford asks Goodyear to please remove "Wrangler" name from Bronco tires

    Ironic and funny at the same time. Maybe Ford can get back in bed with Firestone? :LOL:
  16. Bad welds on the rear door

    That could have easily dis-bonded and opened up after it left the factory. Still a marginal sealant job but I can see how it could have been missed and not readily apparent during manufacture.
  17. 392 wrangler

    JL is always going to get the cool new stuff first before it filters down to the JT if at all.
  18. FCA gone

    People said the same thing when FIAT took over Chrysler. No longer the 1970's in the case of FIAT or 1980's for Peugeot in terms of bad quality and both are relatively successful companies in their European markets. If this merger takes the same approach as FIAT did when they took over...
  19. FCA gone

    I welcome our new overlords.
  20. Dead Battery BEFORE it leaves the dealer

    Relax, not the end of the world and not uncommon for a battery to go dead on the lot.