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  1. 2021 Bronco

    Yea, I dont think too many folks shopping for a JT or JL would have much interest in the Bronco Sport. More likely they would be cross shopping the Bronco. IMO, the Bronco doesn't match up well with JT purpose wise considering the Bronco is a SUV and the JT is a truck. Both are purpose built...
  2. Rear Seat Arm Rest

    Stinks that you have to get the leather package with Overland, Rubi, and Mojave to get the armrest. I wonder if the upper portion of the backseat with the armrest can be purchased. I’m planning to add Katzkin leather and I’d like to get the seat up back before doing so.
  3. The 3.0 is actually $2,572 more than a 3.6...right???

    Thanks. My line of reasoning has followed the same process I’m leaning towards getting a Mojave at this point. May wait to test drive the eco but if if I come across a good deal....
  4. The 3.0 is actually $2,572 more than a 3.6...right???

    Thanks WXman. Having experience with the JT and Ram Eco, would you prefer a gladiator Sport S with diesel over a Rubicon or Mojave gas with cost being about the same? Towing nothing over 4k and using 50% around town and 50% long highway drives (600+ miles round trip).
  5. Hit and run

    Just be sure if they mail a check directly to you than you can get more money due to hidden damage. I can guarantee the estimate is going to miss that damage.
  6. Hit and run

    they can mail you a checkif the car is paid off. If not goes to repair shop. Some repair shops waive the deductible. You can talk to repair shop and pay difference for a steel bumper but they may not want to do it as your insurer is a better customer than you are. Meaning they won’t jeopardize...
  7. The 3.0 is actually $2,572 more than a 3.6...right???

    This towing test from TFL may offer some insight to the 3.0 diesel. Its a Wrangler 3.0 vrs JTR (4.10 w/axles).
  8. Jalopnik: New Ford Bronco Crew-Cab Pickup Being Fast-Tracked To Take On The Jeep Gladiator: Report

    The 2.7 matched to manual is likely to be a 2022 option.
  9. Jalopnik: New Ford Bronco Crew-Cab Pickup Being Fast-Tracked To Take On The Jeep Gladiator: Report

    2024 is a long time away. Who knows what JT changes will occur by then.
  10. Bronco Truck vs Gladiator

    Agree 100%
  11. Bronco Truck vs Gladiator

    Really with the tailgate in the mid position hauling 4x8 material isn’t a big deal unless you need a lot of sheets
  12. 2021 Bronco

    What do you suggest it is ? That’s the best approximation I could come up with based what dealers have said. Hard to know what the A plan price is going to be for the Bronco. I was told it’s likely to be around 4% below invoice.
  13. 2021 Bronco

    The plans are confusing. How many vehicles may be obtained through the Ford Partner Recognition (X Plan)? Eligible employees, retirees and their spouses may purchase or lease four vehicles per calendar year through the Partner Recognition Program (X Plan). Vehicles must be titled and...
  14. Shout out to Ford bringing back Scout II

    They are offering the 2.3 (270 HP/310 ft Tq) in manual or auto and the V6 2.7 (310 hp/400 ft tq) in auto only. Gear choices are 3.73, 4.27, 4.46, and 4.7. Tire size options are from 255/70/16 to 315/70/17
  15. 2021 Bronco

    Bronco has 190k paid reservations including mine. Ford is going to produce reserved vehicles before dealer allocations (take note FCA). I got the Black Diamond trim. Basically Sport S equivalent that has standard rear locker, steel bumpers, 32s, steelie rims, rock rails, skid plates, adjustable...
  16. 2021 Bronco

    100k trouble free miles on mine. No CEL lights, no leaks, no misses, no nothing other than occasional wastegate vibration.
  17. 2021 Bronco

    I actually reserved one. Unlike the FCAs Launch, Ford is going to prioritize reserved buyers ($100 refundable deposit) by producing reserved vehicles BEFORE dealer allocations. Real DA move by FCA to make LE buyers wait. My dealer already confirmed he will sell to me at XPlan (invoice price plus...
  18. What say You?? 2.3 and 2.7 4cyl ecoboost

    Looks like my assumption that M. Allen was right that the 2 door JT would not have a big following was flawed. The reservation chart for the Bronco shows otherwise. The 2 door off-road market is much stronger than I guessed. Also 35.5% of the those that reserved were or are Wrangler owners. This...
  19. What say You?? 2.3 and 2.7 4cyl ecoboost

    Really it only uses the power train from the Ranger (2.3/10 speed). The 2.7/10 speed is out of the F150. The new Ranger due out in 2022 will have a lot of the Bronco updates. The current Ranger was just a placeholder for the new one.
  20. What say You?? 2.3 and 2.7 4cyl ecoboost

    The rumors are true, the 2.3 gets an option of auto or manual and the 2.7 requires auto exactly like the ecodiesel Gladiator.