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  1. Death Wobble

    No matter what.....if the dealer did the lift, they are responsible for the finished product. If your JT does not ride or perform as expected, they are 100% responsible for its end result. I’m sure you didn't pay 80% or the total cost for a lift that performs up to 80% f total expectations...
  2. Geometry bracket for level

    25rawls: Did you ever end up using the geometry correction brackets? I'm just about to use the same setup you describe above and considered buying a pair.
  3. West Virginia For Sale Rubicon Takeoff Suspension with Fox Shocks and Jeep Crate!!!

    Damn....I'm 2 1/2hrs from there as well. You don't happen to have your Rubicon wheels and tires still, would you?
  4. West Virginia For Sale Rubicon Takeoff Suspension with Fox Shocks and Jeep Crate!!!

    Are you ever near the Athens OH area? I'm about 2+ hours from there. If so, I'll take the suspension
  5. Thinking about buying my second Jeep: need guidance from the Base “Sport” model owners

    Base Sport owner here. My build only has a hard top, max tow, and auto transmission. Final cost out the door was just over 36k. The $3k+ for pwr windows and pwr door locks was more than I was willing to pay for those two perks. 1. I’m the only one who drives it so my mirrors or seat never...
  6. Should my Max Tow Springs Look Like This?

    Right. I was under the impression though that the tighter coils at the top of the spring are usually in play for light or no load thus providing a slightly softer ride and then as you added weight, the larger spaced coils lower down carried the heavier weight. It seems as though with little or...
  7. Should my Max Tow Springs Look Like This?

    Was under my JT Max Tow yesterday and noticed that while sitting in a normal stationary position, the top 3-4 coils of my springs are either touching each other or so close that I cant even get my fingertips between them. I understand they are progressive rate springs, but what's the purpose of...
  8. Alignment Issue

    So glad I ran across this thread as I've been wondering at which lift height does one really need to consider longer fixed control arms, adjustable control arms, or the geometry correction brackets from either Rancho or RC? OP, glad to hear things are finally working out for you.
  9. So, what is everybody towing?

    Nice! What’s the weight of that JD and trailer?
  10. I didnt know this was a thing (ok not a mod, apparently we all already have it)

    I had been thinking about the non-lockable seats and came up w/ this rather pedestrian first attempt from some junk I had laying around. This is just some 3/16" simple cable re-enforced laundry line, 4 @ 3/16" aluminum ferrules, a couple of large washers and and old combination lock. While...
  11. New Gladiator Altitude Model Joins The Lineup

    I was actually pleased w the black steel wheels on my base Sport. Totally useful and also ready for experimentation. Going to use them strictly for towing and since they’re just kinda “throw aways” I’m going to experiment with them and paint them different colors. Going w a flat (or dusty)...
  12. Michigan Rubicon Take-off Suspension - Only 50 Miles

    I'm in Dayton about 2.5 hrs south of Toledo. Would you be willing to meet somewhere south of you?
  13. New Gladiator Altitude Model Joins The Lineup

    Any idea what the controller looks like? Or the cost? I optioned one in a Ram 2500 that looked about as basic as could be, but man it was nice and super functional when you needed it.
  14. New Gladiator Altitude Model Joins The Lineup

    “Our Jeep Gladiator Altitude model is a direct response to customers who ask for a ‘blacked-out’ look directly from the factory...." Trailer Brake Controller suggestions must've been "misplaced"
  15. Zero Issues with Gladiator?

    Wow! Sorry to hear that. Can you get out of this thing? With 30 miles on the clock and a misfire issue already, I'm hoping for you that there's a one week grace period or something where you might be able to turn it back over to the dealer and look for another w a different build date.
  16. New Mask Matching Gladiator

    Nice looking mask and I applaud you for wearing it. We're in the medical business (Geriatrics) and they have literally been lifesavers for my wife's patients. However, my question to you sir....Why the post? The answer you've already supplied......To get a reaction. I fully understand and...
  17. Why did everyone decide their trim level (sport vs rubicon etc)?

    I was pretty shocked to see a $3200 cost difference ($3500 if you throw in tax) between the base model JT that I ordered in March 2020 and a similarly appointed Sport. $3500 for pwr windows and door locks just seemed excessive.
  18. Why did everyone decide their trim level (sport vs rubicon etc)?

    Basic Sport w/ Max Tow, Hard Top and Auto Trans. Reasons: 1. Replaced my 2018 Ram 2500 that was way overkill for my construction/remodeling needs anymore. Power windows and door locks are unnecessary bc 99% of the time its just me in the truck. 2. Mostly deaf so I could care less if I...
  19. Metal Rear Seat Lock Boxes?

    I kept looking for the mechanism for the seat bottoms thinking I may not have it bc I just have a JT Sport. I quickly found the lock for the seat back, but locking the rear seat backs is pretty much useless. How a team of engineers missed lockable seat bottoms is absolutely beyond me! Going to...
  20. Zero Issues with Gladiator?

    Ordered mine March 1, 2020 and took delivery of it on March 30, 2020, so build date would be 03/2020. Pretty simple build....JT Sport, Hard Top, Max Tow and Auto Trans. Only 1800 miles on it so far but nothing to report. Sometimes I think modern vehicles are more prone to software bugs than...