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  1. Earthquake 5.1 magnitude Sparta, NC

    Same. Where in Raleigh? I'm just south of 70 in Garner. I felt the one from Virginia back in 2011
  2. Lets talk manual transmission and stalling.

    I've stalled once I think, but I was playing around in 4L and wanted to see what it would do from a stop in 6th. the answer was not much. My Mazdaspeed3 has a heavier clutch with a pinpoint catch - I can pretty much release the clutch in 2 stages by stopping at the bit point then completely...
  3. Longest Continuous Drive in Your JT?

    I've done far longer trips but not in the JT yet. I used to have to go to Greeneville, TN for work 3-6 times a year, drove to Philly and back in a day to pick up car parts, made a trek to KC from Charlotte that I did in a day each way. My near-term wish list includes a trip to Moab but...
  4. Shock Skid Plates

    Most likely just a flange nut - typically stover nuts are marked and once they're on they can chew up the bolt pretty bad when removed. If it can spin by hand the full height of the nut it's not a lock nut. At that size you could put a dab of red loctite on it to be safe but proper torque...

    I did see that, and I saw multiple complaint threads right next to it. Thought I'd have my own fun
  6. First replacement part @ 2600 miles

    I lost 2 of mine at the track. I mean, on a different car but I cornered so hard they just flew out. I removed the other 2, it was safer that way

    You act like harley hats are particularly hard to find. I see far more hats and shirts than actual harleys anymore

    WHY DID JEEP EVEN MAKE THIS THING? SO MANY THINGS WRONG 1. Whenever I get to my destination my hair is a mess and my face hurts from smiling so much. 2. It only gets, like, 30% better mileage than my old TJ despite having 1800 extra lbs to carry around and STILL being shaped like a brick 3...
  9. Is it easy to steal a Jeep?

    you'll be happy to know the garage door opener in the Jeep does not work without the ignition in at least ACC if not RUN. Pushing the button with everything off doesn't do anything
  10. Is it easy to steal a Jeep?

    I believe his was a commentary of people not knowing how to operate a manual transmission vehicle.. AKA "millenial theft deterrent" if If I myself am a millenial and only buy stick shift vehicles....but I'm an exception I've only had one vehicle broken into and really it was my own fault (as...
  11. 6x6

    That is their typical mentality, yes.
  12. 6x6

    Fuel wheels always tell me a whole lot about a truck's owner
  13. 6x6

    In mechanical terms the doing of this conversion is fairly trivial. Labor intensive, sure, but not exactly groundbreaking. What practical benefit does it provide?
  14. My 22nd Jeep, and by far....

    That TJ takes me back...I had one almost exactly like it. '05 TJR, flame red, 4.25" zone combo lift on soft 8s with 33" duratracs. I miss that little thing but in almost every way my JT is better, especially as a daily driver
  15. Select-trac full time 4wd system not available?

    Sounds like it's not configurable that way. Same as I couldn't spec a max tow with a manual. Sucks but that's how it works out. Learn to pull a lever when you need 4wd
  16. 6x6

    BOOOOORRRRRINNNNNNGGGG Wake me up when they add tracks
  17. Hellcat Hemi Swap SEMA Gladiator on Craigslist

    I know this, but at almost all times they are not selectable and unlocked and open.
  18. Hellcat Hemi Swap SEMA Gladiator on Craigslist

    Rubicons have open diffs. Only the trac-lok model axles have an LSD
  19. Fire extinguishers

    Organized trails require a fire extinguisher on your truck, and it's always a good idea to have one even if it's not required.
  20. Pics of your weekend ride

    Mine started am hour ago so.......nothing yet