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  1. OPINION: Sport/S w/ Max Tow

    Based on your requirements in the initial post, I would suggest you consider the Sport S with the max tow package. I originally test drove a Sport and it reminded me too much of the TJ that I was replacing (i.e., roll up windows, no auto door locks, etc.). Of course, I made the mistake of...
  2. Warn compared to Mopar Grill Guard

    Pick the one that best meets your needs. If you change your mind down the road, there is a pretty good marketplace on the forum!
  3. Dear Jeep - Things I Don't Like

    Nice course correction! I was about to give up on this thread.
  4. Aux switch questions.

    If you don’t ever foresee having the need to hook up multiple accessories, then an aftermarket a la carte approach would make sense. I recently had my dealer procure and install the Mopar aux switch group. After looking at the instructions, I am glad I had them do the install. The center...
  5. Warn compared to Mopar Grill Guard

    This thread was helpful. Just ordered the Mopar grille guard.
  6. AutoTrader article about my Gladiator build.

    Great article and very nice build! You must have started out with lots of pockets!
  7. Dear Jeep - Things I Don't Like

  8. Dear Jeep - Things I Don't Like

    Mopar brake controller as part of towing package.
  9. 4WheelParts Store

    No, it’s not worth it. I tried to buy some driving lights for my old TJ a couple years ago from the Austin store. They were understaffed (this was pre-pandemic) and the front counter staff all seemed like trainees. Very poor customer service in my encounters. Okay place to window shop, but...
  10. Go Rhino RB series steps

    Does this car wash attendant seem really young, or am I just getting a lot older??
  11. JT through the Rubicon Trail

    Looking forward to Part 2!
  12. JT through the Rubicon Trail

    Very nicely produced video! I was going to watch 5-6 minutes of it and then I got sucked into the action and, of course, watched the whole thing. I was surprised the Gladiator did so well. Not sure I would get very far on my stock 33” tires! I now have a better understanding of why 37”+...
  13. Any Full-Size Converts?

    Not quite ready to part with my F250 diesel yet, as I don't know about the Gladiator's towing capabilities (until I get a brake controller). The Jeep certainly is more comfortable and easier to drive in traffic and park. Never hurts to have an extra pickup available for moving people or materials.
  14. Fire extinguishers

    These FYRE units look nice, but too $$$. I wonder if they offer financing?
  15. Adding Options to JTR Build- Regrets/Wishes?

    I bought my JT Rubicon off the lot, but the only option I wish it had included was the AUX switch group. I have since had one installed by the dealer, but it’s a better value if you get it factory installed. If you ever plan to add auxiliary lighting or other accessories requiring power and a...
  16. Fire extinguishers

    It’s worth watching the Jay Leno’s Garage segment to get a better sense of how these work. I hadn’t heard of these either.
  17. Buying advice.... New 2020 JT Rubicon with 800 miles

    I agree with the comments above. A thorough mechanical inspection would be in order. If the dealer hesitates to offer a discount, they might offer some free accessories or something that you could use for the new vehicle.
  18. We need to talk about the “Jeep Wave”

    I always try to wave to Wranglers and other Gladiators. There seem to be a lot of them in our area and I feel guilty if I miss a wave or don’t notice someone in time.
  19. Fire extinguishers

    I started investigating fire extinguishers a couple weeks ago (shortly after getting my JTR), but didn’t see any mounting solutions that I liked. Ideally, the placement should be at the bottom leading edge of the driver‘s or passenger front seat for quick access. Mounting in the bed or along...
  20. New guy here

    Nice choice of model and color--Gobi Gladiator Rubicon. Welcome!!