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  1. New to lift kits - Need help with choosing the right one

    My dad used to build Jeeps for a living until the ‘08 recession. He never liked Fabtech at all but maybe they’re better now. FWIW, you’ll get more than 2” out of the Mopar lift. I got 2.5” out of mine. You can level out a little bit of the rake with just a $20 set of front coil spacers. Then...
  2. New to lift kits - Need help with choosing the right one

    If the tires and wheels aren't too far behind the lift then I'd just wait. I drove mine for a few days before the tires and alignment.
  3. Upgrading Tires on Rubicon Wheels

    That's all a matter of comfort. It's not an arbitrary range from the manufacturers. Personally, I wouldn't deviate on that.
  4. Upgrading Tires on Rubicon Wheels

    Stock wheels are 7.5 wide. Check the width that Nitto specs for that tire. I bet it's 8.5" minimum.
  5. New to lift kits - Need help with choosing the right one

    I’ll throw my $0.02 in here as well. I did the Mopar lift on my sport s max tow. It’s been almost a year now with it. When I put it on, Rock Krawler was the only other reputable manufacturer with a lift for these and I wasn’t able to spend $3k on the lift alone. For the money, the Mopar lift is...
  6. Rubicon suspension question

    If you look at the list of available springs for the Gladiator, there are far more of them than there are trims. It’s cheaper to do this then have different part numbers for arms and and track bars if the weights fluctuate enough
  7. 4300 lbs w/ 3.87 standard tow package?

    I guess it's possible that that's the point in which the carrier changes.
  8. 4300 lbs w/ 3.87 standard tow package?

    I mean, I wouldn't recommend it for mountains or long hauls, but if you're on mostly flat ground for a short distance, I'm sure it'll be fine.
  9. 4300 lbs w/ 3.87 standard tow package?

    4.10's and manual mode on the trans is definitely the best solution there. Letting it hunt just means it needs to be forced to remain in the lower gear. That'll be easier on the trans and the engine.
  10. 4300 lbs w/ 3.87 standard tow package?

    You're going to be just fine if you're at 4300 loaded. You're rated at 6000 (not 4500) with standard tow package and the 3.73's with the auto. If you find over time that you want some extra low end, just regear to 4.10's (assuming you still have stock tire size). Rear springs are irrelevant...
  11. Which Lift Kit to Pick From

    What are your goals? Clayton will be cheaper by the time you add shocks, and IMO is the better choice regardless of that. EVO is overpriced and has its problems. They’re customer service is fantastic as well.
  12. Rubicon suspension question

    @Jeeperjamie I guess you’ll have to do it and end this “I’ve heard” once and for all!
  13. Rubicon suspension question

    I’ve heard that the Rubicon springs won’t lift the front of a max tow. Only on a sport and overland.
  14. Rubicon suspension question

    Considering the Rubicon is only rated for 650 pounds less than your Max Tow and that’s known to largely be because of the added weight on the Rubicon, I’d say you’re more than ok.
  15. Does 12" wide wheels fit with no lift?

    I just realized you said 35x12.5. Max rim width is 11 for those so that’s a stretched tire.
  16. Does 12" wide wheels fit with no lift?

    Honestly, it’s going to look pretty ridiculous without a lift. Not many people like that wide of a tire on a Jeep as it is, but with a lift it at least looks proportional.
  17. Rubicon Steering Stabilizer

    According to the parts catalogs they’re all the same.
  18. Smaller wheels on the JT

    I believe that's a no because of the size of the brakes. 15 definitely will not. I don't believe 16's do either.
  19. Current Dash Configuration

    Is that a configurable setting? I was wondering how some people had that while in Drive.