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  1. What the heck is this mystery device?

    My Gladiator had one. Dealership puts them on everything when they're prepped. Pissed me off but they did disclose it. Also, went searching for it and ripped it out as soon as I got home though mine was very shittily cut into other wires under the dash instead of connected inline to an existing...
  2. Advice before buying

    The comments in my post are more geared towards a Gladiator (and basically any SFA with recirculating ball steering) will by nature be looser than any decent rack and pinion steering like what would be on any other midsize or 1/2 ton truck.
  3. Advice before buying

    Pros: Probably one of the best seating positions of any vehicle I've ever been in. The interior is actually very comfortable front and rear and has a lot of modern conveniences: Stereo bumps, ACC is awesome, LED headlights are bright as hell. The roof and doors come off. Cons: Know what you're...
  4. 5W30

    From FCA on the updated Pentastar: "The new Pentastar uses 0W-20 oil, which helps economy and is required for the VVT and VVL systems"
  5. FCA gone

    Lol, I think that gets said every time a new Wrangler generation comes out. Though I think it'll be hard to ever top the biggest "the world is ending" when the JK was unveiled with the only good for running to the mall 4 door unlimited model and no 4.0.
  6. FCA gone

    It's probably not about bringing models here but maximizing scale out of each component. The same could have been said about Fiat when the took control of Chrysler (though FCA did spend a ton of cash trying to make Fiat relevant in the US). What's more worth noting is that out of six models in...
  7. FCA gone

    Pretty much every major automaker has large engineering facilities in the US where they design some of their cars, usually their mid-size and larger SUVs and trucks. Buy what you want, I do. I'm just trying to get people thinking. The American vs import isn't as black and white as it was in the...
  8. FCA gone

    What is an American vehicle? US HQ? Assembled in US? Designed in the US? High domestic content? By any of the above metrics a Jeep is no more American than Honda.
  9. FCA gone

    I don't know business law in all the different countries. Is there anything to keep from labelling the division in each region being something different where they could have a name with some history. Like Stellaris being the parent, like Alphabet for Google, the North America division being...
  10. FCA gone

    From FCA: STELLANTIS: the new global mobility leader to be formed by FCA and @GroupePSA . Derived from ‘stello’, a Latin verb meaning “to brighten with stars”, the name evokes the spirit of the new group and the ambitious alignment of its storied automotive brands.
  11. How long it would take Diesel Engine MPG to pay for itself

    Would that "high torque straight 6" be the on that makes the same torque at peak that the Pentastar meets or exceeds from 1800 to 6350rpm? The 3.6 likes revving but it has a pretty flat torque curve.
  12. How long it would take Diesel Engine MPG to pay for itself

    Don't leave out the extra maintenance: regular fuel filter changes, the cost of DEF, and a long block every 75,000 miles
  13. 2021 Jeep Gladiator EcoDiesel Officially Announced

    Based on the class action lawsuit of the older versions of the EcoDiesel shittting themselves I'd hold off a few years to see if the 2018+ models got those bugs worked out.
  14. Front doors off, need fob to get the kid out of Jeep.

    There isn't an option to unlock on park. Best option would probably just be to disable auto lock, which is an option and flip the child protection lock on the rear doors.
  15. Is the Pentastar flex fuel capable?

    The OG Pentastar (JK) is E85 compatible, the upgraded Pentastar (JL/JT) is rated for up to E15.
  16. To LED upgrade or not LED...that should never be a question.

    Aftermarket LED housings are usually cheap, blind anyone in front of you, and break quickly. LED bulbs in stock reflector housings are just a dick move and without the proper projector housing probably don't even shine any further, just blast everything with bright AF white light. Shitty...
  17. Any i terest in aftermarket cams?

    I don't think it's an interference fit, more that the gear itself makes up the back of the phaser.
  18. Any i terest in aftermarket cams?

    With low confidence, I believe the cam gear is integral to the phaser and the phaser in unkeyed and has one large bolt that attaches to the cam.
  19. Any i terest in aftermarket cams?

    The JL/JT (amongst other models starting in 2016) have an upgraded 3.6 with a completely different cam setup. The intake cams are tri-lobe (three lobes per cylinder). Two small outer lobes set up for one lift, duration, and centerline and an inner lobe set up for another lift, duration, and...
  20. Any i terest in aftermarket cams?

    I'd imagine the three lobes for each cylinder on the intake cams would make this rather difficult. The OG Pentastar already made 90% of their torque from 1800rpm and the upgrade supposedly improved that. Outisde of forced induction there's only so much you can get out of 3.6L.