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  1. Dear Jeep - Things I Don't Like

    @WinTheDayJT this comment does win the day: "A soft top that doesn’t hang off the top of the roll bar like a tumor." Although the rain gutter is right up for my number 2. On the positive side to the OP I ordered one of these today, we will see. I found myself continuously entertained by all...
  2. We need to talk about the “Jeep Wave”

    I don't understand the Gladiator wave-hate from Wrangler owners. Many of us (esp on the forum) have owned Wranglers, I've had three. In Denver, there are just too many Jeeps to wave to everyone, it would be a chore. I'll usually wave to built Wranglers if eye-contact is made. Other Gladiators I...
  3. Wind noise, leak, need a part number

    FWIW... I replaced both the “mirror flag appliqué” right and left. Search BAM Wholesale, enter your vehicle and keyword “flag”. The new parts had incrementally thicker weatherstrip. The new parts work better to reduce noise than my attempts at Ace Hardware weatherstrip. I’d call it 80%...
  4. Hey guys, new to the forum, and LOVING the Gladiator!

    Arm yourself with the pricing and options spreadsheet off this forum. Many of us got great deals negotiating on orders early on. But late model year inventory might be a good opportunity too once the 2021's come out. Love the joy in your writeup, I rented one on a business trip to Dallas when I...
  5. Jalopnik: New Ford Bronco Crew-Cab Pickup Being Fast-Tracked To Take On The Jeep Gladiator: Report

    Bronco... yawn. Just give me a Jeep-supported crate upgrade Hemi 392 for my JT at a good price.
  6. Is it dorky to only take off the front doors?? POLL

    I don't trust other drivers enough to drive streets around me without doors. If I had a place near a beach or a trailhead I could totally see removing them sometimes, and probably would not bother removing back with no back passenger.
  7. visionx backup lights

    Find Carter Fab and Machine on facebook or instagram. They make very solid brackets that bolt on via the bumper mount itself instead of the little screws for the reflector plates. I am using their brackets with my Rigid Dually Diffused very happy. I did my whole transaction with them via...
  8. Y’all include the spare in your rotations?

    Method wheels were pricey and I am running 35's, so I have matching BFG tire on the stocker steely rim up under the bed. First 4-tire rotation will happen in 2 days. Dealer parts guy even said the under-bed hanger mechanism would likely scratch up an aftermarket wheel, and he coulda pushed to...
  9. Grill that would square off the lights

    I owned a 93 YJ with the rectangular headlights, it was my least favorite aspect of the vehicle. I also didn't like the safety-rollbar that was extended to provide coverage for rear passengers. I always wanted round headlights, and the angled-down roll bar back that looked like the CJ. Old...
  10. To LED upgrade or not LED...that should never be a question.

    Well LED is still a question for me. Because I put in Silverstar Ultra halogens that work just fine. And mostly because my winch is jammed up against my grill so anything with the grill I have to pull my front skid, and then pull my winch. That doesn’t sound like fun. Fishing the bulbs in from...
  11. Highly Customized Gladiator Rubicon "Launch Edition" - Worth $120K?

    For that money I would buy my own Rubicon and drop in a Hemi swap. Then buy a Sport for one of my sons. :)
  12. Hard top vs premium soft top

    I run dual tops and no question the hard top is quieter at highway speed and in high winds. I'm talking like driving 80+ real highway not just 55. I also installed the Hotheads headliner right away with sound deadening strips. The Bestop Sunrider option that allows flip-up of just the front seat...
  13. Gone Gator Gone?!?

    Love the Gator. It's light enough to not look like black in dim light, although it does morph to imitation Gobi in bright sunlight. I get a lot of compliments on the color.
  14. True Frame-Mounted Rock Sliders?

    Ace Engineering sliders mount using the bolts that hold the frame and body together.
  15. Freedom panel storage idea

    They should have come with a storage bag. No need to fab anything.
  16. Zero Issues with Gladiator?

    No issues on the JT Pentastar. Similar to the JK Pentastar I owned before that. Just a better transmission w the 8 speed.
  17. Colorado Premium Roll-Up Mopar Tonneau

    The box is 11" x 11" x 65" weight is 27lbs, I would be sending from zip code 80124.
  18. Colorado Premium Roll-Up Mopar Tonneau

    Yes the material matches the Premium Soft Top from the dual-top Rubicon. They require you to buy the tonneau with the dual-top since the top ships in the bed covered by the tonneau when the truck is delivered.