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  1. Slight pull to the right...can't figure it out.

    Thanks for the info :like:
  2. Terrible Customer Service and Ordering at 4 Wheel Parts

    I will only order from the store, never online. That has work well. I stopped ordering online from them after my card number was compromised by an employee and they charged over $5K in computer's. My bank was really good and alerted me before the charge was approved, but still.
  3. Slight pull to the right...can't figure it out.

    Did you prime the stabilizer? Turn the steering wheel lock to lock at least 5 times to prime the stabilizer.
  4. Front shock replacement only

    Bolt the top of the shock into place, then compress the shock and install the lower bolt. Tighten to spec. and done, no need to remove anything other than the shocks.
  5. Advice before buying

    Run away and save your self some money and headaches, researching parts and products..... Lol You will spend all of your hard earned money on extra parts and goodies. Other than that, its a great truck. Just remember JEEP = Just Empty Every Pocket. :LOL:
  6. Where do you guys keep parts?

    For sale on Craigslist
  7. Leaking muffler

    Its condensation from the combustion process, very normal. There is a small hole on the muffler that allows the moisture to escape.
  8. Jeep Expands Badge of Honor Mobile App With 7 New Trails

    Sounds like Jeep has found a new way for Jeepers to meet each other. :LOL:
  9. Saw this one yesterday...

    Looks like they are working on one for the JL and JT.
  10. Jacks/Jack Stands

    Buy the best you can afford, its your life that is depending on them. I personally have a couple jack stand sets from NAPA that were purchased about 15 years ago and a MAC 3.5 ton floor jack that's close to 4 years old.
  11. Drag Link - Knuckle noise after Mopar Lift

    In the video it looks like he is pushing up and pulling down, not rotating it. My bad.
  12. Drag Link - Knuckle noise after Mopar Lift

    I'm no master mechanic, but if there is play in a tie rod end, its bad. It should move freely and not bind, it should also not have any free play within the joint.
  13. Drag Link - Knuckle noise after Mopar Lift

    There should not be any play in the rod ends, its not normal. They need replaced.
  14. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    But they are laser measured. :CWL:
  15. Driveline Vibration with 37’s

    Did you try to run without the front drive shaft and see if the vibration is still there, or just with the rear removed ? Did it vibrate with the stock tires and wheels after the lift? You say you tried your buddy's 37's and it was worse. Do you still have the stock set to try? Pinion angle...
  16. Driveline Vibration with 37’s

    Might try a spacer installed between the frame mount and the carrier bearing. I know its said that one is not needed, but there are some companies out there (AEV) that include a spacer for their 2" lift. Might be worth a shot.
  17. Rocker Panel Dent - Advice/ Fix?

    Perfect time for rocker armor, or leave it as as badge of honor.
  18. You guys and girls know you want one of these

    Not really, have no need for a Jeep fire pit and grill......
  19. What is the best winch for my Jeep Gladiator 2020? Winch installation and Warranty.

    Congrats on the new JT and good luck with your search. I have always had good luck with Warn.