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  1. How Tall is Your Modified Gladiator??

    My Rubicon with 2.5" EVO Enforcer stage 2 lift and 37" Nitto Ridge Grapplers on stock rubicon wheels is 78" to the center of the roof with a 2x4 across the roof to capture the highest point. Not sure how everyone else is measuring the highest point but that seems like the only way to get an...
  2. Whats a decent lift w/ shocks under $2k

    Yes agreed, your idea on measurement so yours to start (I don't want to steal your idea). I can chime in with my measurements.
  3. Whats a decent lift w/ shocks under $2k

    Agreed, maybe we need another thread that defines the standard for measuring to get others input.
  4. Whats a decent lift w/ shocks under $2k

    Nice. I guess that maybe the Clayton left a bit of rake and the EVO made it more level. Both have benefits.
  5. Whats a decent lift w/ shocks under $2k

    Ok curiosity got the best of me and I had to measure this while at lunch. center of hub to plastic border on bed - 39” Center of hub to top of hood (top point in front of windshield clips - 38 1/2” the challenge is the front measurement is still only relevant on a rubicon as the hoods are...
  6. Whats a decent lift w/ shocks under $2k

    I just pulled up measurements from when I first put this lift on and looks like I was about a 1/2" higher front and rear when it was first installed. So a little bit of settle but not bad.
  7. Whats a decent lift w/ shocks under $2k

    Sounds easy if I had a long straight edge. I do have a 2x4 that will accomplish the same thing. Will work on that later today.
  8. Whats a decent lift w/ shocks under $2k

    Oh got it. I can try but will need a second person to assist and somehow hold a 2x4 to get it to measure. Also we would need to pick a spot on the hood as the point of reference as it’s not a flat hood.
  9. Whats a decent lift w/ shocks under $2k

    Based on another thread a non rubicon just subtract 1” for the lower fenders.
  10. Whats a decent lift w/ shocks under $2k

    tough to measure that as it isn’t even with each surface and hood has different heights with the air dams and windshield mounts.It would be easier to just measure center of each fender and then measure the tires and subtract that out. My understanding is the rubicon is exactly 1” higher fender...
  11. Whats a decent lift w/ shocks under $2k

    Just measured my end result with my EVO 2.5” with 37s and a LOD front bumper with winch. 22.5” front slider and 23” rear slider measured from the ground to the bottom of the stock slider.
  12. Whats a decent lift w/ shocks under $2k

    I have this lift on my Rubicon with 37s and it is a great lift. I kept the stock Rubicon shocks and got extension brackets. Go with stage 2 and get the front lower control arms and track bars. The coils are stiff enough to significantly reduce the droop from tongue weight towing my travel...
  13. Stock Jeep Support Group

    no way you can avoid bigger tires and a lift. The Gladiator just looks so good lifted. Just ignore item 2 because you know you only live once and put on a Mopar lift you stay in warranty and run 35s. Or better add a small spacer to the top of the Mopar lift and add 37s. Give up on this stock...
  14. Fuel efficency

    Definitely something is not right. I am on 37s and the last tank was mostly city driving and I got 15. Picture was right after a fill up this afternoon. I reset my average mpg right after filling up last tank to track how I did after moving from 35s to 37s. And I am not gentle with the throttle.
  15. Curt Spectrum Brake Controller Installed

    i have the same harness I think. What’s the part number for your harness? Do you have radar cruise control or automatic braking?
  16. Curt Spectrum Brake Controller Installed

    Anyone else having issues with the Curt controller? I have this same controller in my JTR and seem to get feedback causing error lights on the controller. Random different lights sometimes get stuck on as well. I have read somewhere that others have said it may be the feedback from the radar...
  17. Anyone tried the Mopar Sun Bonnet 82215620?

    I have had this top for a few weeks and today it was put to the test as it started pouring rain on me while out driving. The back seats got soaked from water falling off the back of the top (wish it were a few inches longer). But I stayed mostly dry. Water does get in the Jeep and it isn’t...
  18. first post long post not a rant

    Wow. Sorry to hear. Hope the dealer takes good care of you. I had an issue with my rear axle early on and the dealer gave me a nice grand Cherokee for about 3 weeks while repairing. All has been good since.
  19. 21K miles and accomplished a lot!

    Nicely done! Great to see a properly used Gladiator. I wish we had that many Jeep approved trails in the northeast. But I also just rolled over 21k miles on my JTR and it has been on every trail my 2 door and 4 door wranglers have done and without issue. A few times needed to winch out but...