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  1. 2021 Jeep Gladiator EcoDiesel Officially Announced

    My buddy has the JL diesel and likes it. I have the 3.6 in my JK and JT. I took the JK engine apart to change the head gaskets so I am sticking with the 3.6 because I am familiar with it and when it craps the bed it can try to rebuild it or just buy a crate mote for $3,000 or less.
  2. Soft OEM roll up bed cover.

    Am I the only one that doesn't want the velcro siding? I really would like the 617
  3. Delete push button start, go back to keyed ignition? The rfid brick has to go...

    Welp, I was today years old when I found out that wasn't the phone holder.
  4. Check Engine Light

    Wait you're telling me I can use the actual KEY INSTEAD OF THE PUSH START/STOP!
  5. Check Engine Light

    So true, I keep forgetting it push to start, let me see how it is done on a push to start and send it
  6. What kind of deal can I realistically expect?

    BLUF: I got mine for $7,200 below MSRP and should have gone lower. So I looked at Koons since I live around there... bunch of jokers and I have emails to prove it. I asked for a Jeep Gladiator Sport S with a soft top, 7" radio, cold weather package, Aux switches, and the power convenience...
  7. 37’s with no lift!

    He said there isn't much of a difference but I have 35s with steel wheels on my JK so about 145lbs on each corner and I can tell you that it was bad with 3.21 but with the gladiator ratio it should be a lot better BUT with 3.21 and the 35s I used a flashpaq and it was like a dream again. so...
  8. Badland Apex Winch

    Yea so I just looked and if you get the 25% off ones it would be less than $499 and after reading the fine print I do not see where badland or Apex winches are excluded.
  9. Check Engine Light

    Try this if you want to find the code without taking it anywhere
  10. Will 37” tires fit on the stock rim for spare?

    Cant help you, but curious to the MPGs you are getting with those 37"s for research purposed
  11. Badland Apex Winch

    Harbor freight is hit or miss, their Hercules saw IS AMAZING but other things suck. I heard their new winch is VERY GOOD. The reviews have been very good and those doing the reviews have been very impressed. Personally I have a smittybuilt X2O so I am not biased
  12. CB or Ham, the better route?

    While I believe this to be true and it kind of makes sense since the majority of people are not interested, I still think there are a ton of amateur enthusiast who should be able to fill the gap
  13. CB or Ham, the better route?

    I have a 14JK... I have a handheld HAM and a mounted CB radio and here is why. The CB radio is GREAT when on a major highway. I used to drive a lot for the reserves (8hrs) and to home (4hrs) when I was in college. The CB radio has saved my ass 100 times and payed for itself ten fold...
  14. Gladiator Much Harder to Work on Than Previous Models

    Since owning my 14JK I had to replace the alternator, starter, o2 sensors, and the catalytic converter. only the catalytic converter was covered and that's because I threatened them with the federal mandate. last week I found out my compression in cylinder 3 was 45-60PSI well below standard...
  15. Gladiator Much Harder to Work on Than Previous Models

    AI is a very scary subject. It is a slippery slope!
  16. Spray In Bed Liner Line-X or Rhino?

    Where did you get the rotopax set up from? I like it!
  17. AmFib Low Mount Snorkel?

    I swore I was going to keep this JT stock but this is tempting... WAY more install friendly vs the Rugged Ridge JK snorkel.
  18. Gladiator Much Harder to Work on Than Previous Models

    If you do can you send it, because I went online and there are a bunch of "jeep" warranties.
  19. Can we Disable the auto stop start?

    So on my jeep it is pressure sensed, so when I am at a light I know is about to change I will come to a stop but not depress it all the way so the engine stays on and can gun it out and then when I am going to be at a light for a while I will depress it completely and it will shut off.