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  1. Overland owners who switched to 35 & 37 tires

    Same. I'll open the axels and do 4.88 and lockers and maybe axle shaft, at least front. Then downstream 37. But not 37 and then those mods.
  2. Show me stubby bumpers options with skid plate

    Standard or optional skid plate. Doesn't need to be included with the bumper just be available and work. I was all set on the Rival aluminum one and then got a little skeeved out by them being Russian. Not sure if it matters or not but it was exactly what I wanted. Back to the drawing board...
  3. Rear locker engaging automatically in 2H

    This is smelling like FCA answer to death wobble. They probably know exactly what it is, and it's rare enough and only on Rubicons they can kick it around another few years. Interesting to hear if anyone with after market e-lockers experiences the same thing.
  4. Whats a decent lift w/ shocks under $2k

    I should go get some more measurements but I was +4" or so with the 2.5" kit. Reason being it needs to actually be 2.5" even with some heavier gear on the truck, and 2.5" for the Rubicon which starts a bit higher. It over delivers. Pricing... The kit I have you can +/- back into it based on...
  5. Am I getting fleeced?

    3,000 off a 45,0000 sport is +/- normal from what I have seen. On Labor Day we got 7,000 off a 49,800 Overland. Basically same price as the Sport in the end.
  6. My 35 spline rear axle shaft install with ARB RD246

    Any concern on the 35 spline being only on the market means you have 1 and only 1 choice for shafts should something break?
  7. Overland owners who switched to 35 & 37 tires

    What are you planning to do with your 37s?
  8. Overland owners who switched to 35 & 37 tires

    right, 18s. :like:
  9. Overland - Keep 18” wheels or buy 17s for A/T tires?

    For general use A/T tires just keep the 18s. Add some spacers and it helps the look. I did the spacers the day before my 35s went on and just put the stock ones back on for the night. Before 1.75" spacers After
  10. Overland - Keep 18” wheels or buy 17s for A/T tires?

    +44 I have some in my garage I'll go weigh them Edit 25.2 on bathroom scale. A little hard to see.
  11. Whats a decent lift w/ shocks under $2k

    Clayton's 2.5" Lift is a 2.5" lift on a Rubicon, 3.5" on your truck. Plenty to fit 37s. Send Clayton a PM on the boards here and ask them about the kit they got for me. This is with 35*12.5*17 Trail Grapplers The mechanic who did the work is a top KOH racer and knows the guys at Evo and...
  12. 17", 18" or 20" Wheel w/ 37" Tire?

    Consider the tire choices too. Using Discount Tire 37x12.5x17 - 26 tires 37x12.5x18 - 10 tires 37x12.5x20 - 15 tires now if the one you want is one of the 10 available in 18" then it doesn't so much matter.
  13. Overland owners who switched to 35 & 37 tires

    285 is a 33 +/- 315 is a 35 +/- So you have 33's not 35's
  14. Overland owners who switched to 35 & 37 tires

    Yeah. Go off boost and lose all your torque and control. Get deep into boost and get a sudden surge over something you may be trying to slowly negotiate. Constant flat torque could certainly be better in some offroading situations.
  15. Overland owners who switched to 35 & 37 tires

    Depends what you want to do with the truck. For crawling I think I would prefer the flat predictable torque of the 3.6 that sets in earlier even if it doesn't peak as high. Better control.
  16. Rear locker engaging automatically in 2H The locker sensor in Wrangler JL and Gladiator Rubicons have started to become problematic. When they fail, it usually starts out as a blinking locker lamp on the dash, which then ends up in a “service axle locker” message. Once the locker...
  17. Overland owners who switched to 35 & 37 tires

    If you put it into drive and go you will be fine. If you check the gear though it will be lower than you expect.
  18. Overland owners who switched to 35 & 37 tires

    For me shift points isn't the issue, it's the lack of power to hold the gear at speed. If I put it into say 7th and give it enough gas to not force a kick down even in manual setting, it will just start slowing down. It seems to be anything around 2,000 rpm in higher gears where you'd want to...
  19. Upgrading Tires on Rubicon Wheels

    Highly doubt any shop gives push back let alone refusal. It's not really a safety issue it's a tire performance issue. The tire isn't going to collapse because it's 1" narrower a rim, that's just 1/2" each sidewall. Those things can support a truck at 5psi. Each tire is rated at 2,200 lbs of...
  20. Portable Power Box

    That 250A breaker seems too big, no? If I read correctly it's between the 12V and the inverter. That isn't going to pop on a 12V until +3,000 watts but it's only hooked into 1,500 watts. Needs a serious meltdown to trip it, won't catch a smaller surge that would still be enough to destroy things.