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  1. 2021 Hercules Gladiator V8

    We know the FCA V6 in the Alfa makes 500 HP, supposedly 70% commonality with the 3.6l in our Jeeps.
  2. Jeep Gladiator Mojave vs. Ford Raptor

    My JTR can lock the rear in 2Hi/4Hi up to 30 MPH with the Tazer.
  3. Jeep Gladiator Mojave vs. Ford Raptor

    "Experts" starving for clicks in a dying industry, gotcha.
  4. Jeep Gladiator Mojave vs. Ford Raptor

    Or 14.3% less tow capacity, and 50% locker-less, and 32.5% less gearing in the transfer case, and...... Different strokes for different folks. I doubt I'll ever see a Mojave running the lake trails an hour from me, where I've already been in two months of owning a JTR. Likewise, driving 7...
  5. JT vs 4Runner

    I see more Tacos than 4Runners on the trails out here in CA, but there are plenty of Toyotas in general. They are a very capable platform.
  6. License plate delay

    Bought mine 6/6 and had CA plates from my dealer before the end of July. Paper plates were good to September 7th, though.
  7. 8 Speed Behavior

    I'm terribly impressed by that feature, I appreciate using engine braking automatically. It's a little spooky at first, but it really mitigates some of the things I don't like about automatics. I am used to manuals where the engine speed dictates the vehicle speed, in a deterministic way - as...
  8. Wildpeak M/T's in the snow/ice?

    I don't care whose mud it is, they suck in ice/snow. You need a solid contact patch and lots of siping. Look at what a Blizzak does and work back from there. HOWEVER, on a lightweight old Jeep, it doesn't matter what tread pattern you run if you have big tires you can air down to nothing -...
  9. Is this OEM Mopar or a knock off rubicon steel bumper?

    How much does a drill bit on eBay cost?
  10. Solutions for the freeway wander - will track bar/steering stabilizer help?

    Exactly, my 1930's tech '93 YJ has a 4" lift but has the right shims for proper caster. I don't run the track bar in front or the swaybar in the back, it runs down the road at 75 MPH just fine. When bad steering geometry causes issues on Rubicons, Chrysler cheaped out on doing the last little...
  11. Solutions for the freeway wander - will track bar/steering stabilizer help?

    Not too much, just outside the self-serving factory spec. If it was an issue, I would have been informed of it. I'm also glad to not be wearing my spendy tires in a weird way due to inefficient toe-in. I've had "plenty of caster" setups before, I don't mind a bit more effort in the steering. A...
  12. Solutions for the freeway wander - will track bar/steering stabilizer help?

    The idea for using the VERY inexpensive LCA's came from a link on this forum to the LJ forum - the wonderful world of shared information! The very inexpensive LCA's came from a forum sponsor, which is yet another benefit of this forum. Without the help of the community, I...
  13. Anyone have pics of 295/75-16?

    Will a 16" rim even fit over the brake calipers?
  14. Upgrading Tires on Rubicon Wheels

    I buy my tires from a real 4x4 shop and they've never turned a hair at mounting 12.5's on 7.5" OEM wheels.
  15. Dear Jeep - Things I Don't Like

    On my JTR, the bed light switch is underneath the foglight switch. I bought a 4 pack of Toyota bed cleats on AMZ for $30. They fit perfectly, but are smaller than the Mopar cleats. Regardless, they work fine. I leave XM selected and when I turn everything back on, it remains selected. Same if...
  16. Blinking blue light under steering wheel?

    Yeah we were running 3 year leases with TeleTrac units with $300 hardware+installation at $35/mo back in 2014 when I got involved. Dropped to $20/mo after the lease payments were done, what a ripoff. Went through several different competitors, got TeleTrac down to free hardware if we...

    SO much easier to pull the grill.......
  18. Blinking blue light under steering wheel?

    That's not an inexpensive unit! We use AT&T for our fleet tracking, the hardware is $150 and for the heavies with ETL that goes to $350. The dealer is pretty lazy to leave units like that in sold vehicles.
  19. Stock Jeep Support Group

    35's SHOULD have been stock, yeah, that's my story, I'm sticking to it!
  20. Stock Jeep Support Group

    The JTR's should have come with 35's. The performance wasn't compromised when I put 315/70-17 KO2's on mine. No noticeable hit on towing. Not a CHANCE of overwhelming the running gear with just 35's, this is a stock size for both Hummer H2's and Ford Raptors. Not cheap, but I offset my costs...