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  1. I'm building my idea of a perfect (for me) Gladiator rack

    These cone nuts work well in the bed rails. No spring to deal with.
  2. Reasonable Price on a Sport Manual?

    Visit the pricing thread and determine what the current MSRP is vs factory invoice. Then get your FCA Affiliate membership (there’s a thread for that too) and start your shopping at 1% under INVOICE.
  3. What am I missing here?

    Would removing the bottom bolt allow caliper to pivot enough to aid in installation.? Maybe not lying that he didn’t take them off (completely), but forgot to put the bolt back.
  4. Soft cover bed latch brackets

  5. Dear Jeep - Things I Don't Like

    Several solutions discussed here. No dealer remedy.
  6. Dear Jeep - Things I Don't Like

    Or leave a door open...
  7. Grommet/Gasket for tailgate center hole

    Put the white bracket inside the grommet for a better seal all around.
  8. Dear Jeep - Things I Don't Like

    Cooled seats - sounds like some one needs to get their local seamstress to modify the lava jacket to make some lava pants - Says it is no longer available but someone figured out how to plug into the vent - how hard could it be to rig it to a...
  9. Dear Jeep - Things I Don't Like

    The rear camera selection on the touch screen lets to check your tailgate - if all you see is pavement, you’ve left the tailgate down.
  10. DIY Door, Freedom Panel and Roof Cart

    Search amazon for wagon cart parts
  11. Dear Jeep - Things I Don't Like

    As soon as you get body mount mirrors like the bronco, you’ll be complaining when those expensive units get torn off when you slide into a tree. Cheaper to replace the 1/2ass mirrors. On the cj’s They just folded over. And they were cheap.
  12. Just Ordered? Check in HERE!

    Any time you don’t get a good answer from jeep chat, just log out and log back in... you will get a different agent who may be more helpful.
  13. DIY Door, Freedom Panel and Roof Cart

    Instead of casters, Get the beach wagon starter kit -
  14. Yet another DIY Bedrack

    Can’t use a tonneau cover with the topper but he probably has some canvas PCs that drop down from the topper when needed. Lucky it is a step side - no need for a ladder to get in the tent.
  15. DIY Door, Freedom Panel and Roof Cart

    You might start with a couple HF movers dollies for the base and save a few bucks.
  16. Porcupines eating my Gladiator !

    In the late ‘60s my grandfather (dairy farmer) used to leave worn out tires near his tractors when they were parked in the field during haying season, and pour used motor oil on the used tires, to keep the porcupines from chewing on the tractor. I always assumed they meant the tractor tires but...
  17. Has anyone found any other Gladiator toys and memorabilia

    There is a multitude of items available - but so far only seen bass pro with the gator color.
  18. Front hitch receiver

    Did you get a chance to post the pictures and measurements for the cuts? Thx
  19. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    The bolt head is ruined, so clean the paint off and tackweld a hex head to it and get it off. You start hitting one of those impact drivers with a hammer and you miss on that aluminum door - it’s going to leave a mark!
  20. Is all red way too much red?

    Canada LEs didn’t come with the dual top option? I thought the only option you couldn’t get was the MT.